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Taiwanfun's Gallery
June 2011 A Yoga Trek around Taipei
July 2009 Social, cultural networking with ladies touch rugby
June 2009 Neihu MRT
May 2009 Golden Harvest Awards Film FestivalLan Lin Theater's 30th Anniversary2009 Compass Taichung Int'l Food & Music FestFair Trade - What Taiwan Can Learn from Rwanda (Part 2)
Apr. 2009 Vie Show IMAX Cinemas Taipei Sun | Fair Trade - What Taiwan Can Learn from Rwanda (Part 1)
Mar. 2009 Exploring Kenting & riding in the wind | Getting to the top of Jade Mountain....just like that! (Part 3) |
Feb. 2009 Getting to the top of Jade Mountain....just like that! (Part 2) |
Jan. 2009 'Smokey Joe's Cafe' brings a Broadway legend to Taiwan | Australian Wine Expert Mr. James Halliday Opens Your Mind to Australian Wine | Getting to the top of Jade Mountain....just like that! (Part I) |
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  *September artist--David Cornberg *October artist--Charles Haines
  *July artist--Rebecca M. Logan *August artist--Daniel Desjardins
  *May artist--Todd Hackwelder *June artist--Elisabeth Munsterhjelm
  *March artist--Stuart Hamby *April artist--Joanne Chu
  *January artist--Timothy Nathan Joel *February artist--David Stig Hansen
Nov. 2008 Unknown Taiwan | Miaoli's 2008 Blooming Persimmon Season |
Oct. 2008 Halloween in Hong Kong | A unique weekend: Explore shopping, dining and nightlife in Singapore |
Sept. 2008 Kayaking |
July 2008 Eslite Bookstore, where function meets art | Southern Taiwan's Industrial Heritage | "American Voices" performances showcase Taiwanese/ American dance collaboration |
June 2008 2008 Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival | The 10th Taipei Film Festival | Clean Billiards Square |
May 2008 Summer Swank |
Apr. 2008 From NYC to Taichung: A modern dance partnership ''Moves the Spirit'' |
Mar. 2008 2008 Spring Lumpia Festival | Taiwan Folk Arts Museum |
Feb. 2008 2008 Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) | New Year's Destinations in Taipei |
Jan. 2008 Tienlai Hot Springs Resort |
Dec. 2007 2007 Taipei International travel Fair | It's snowing in Miaoli | Taipei Public Library (Beitou branch) | True Dance - True Yoga (3rd Branch) |
Nov. 2007 Ice Skating/ Hockey | The Beauty of Checheng |
Oct. 2007 A Film Festival Feast: 2007 Golden Horse Offers a World of Film | Unrivalled mix of global, local jazz talent descends on the Taichung Jazz Festival | Go Karting
Sep. 2007 Affordable Fashion Paradise Wufenpu | For the love of puppets! | Taiwan Storyland |
Aug. 2007 Taipei Quyi Tuan | Kazakhstan's Whirlwind Horse Acrobatics Carnival celebrates its 20th Anniversary at Tsou Ma Lai Farm |
Jul. 2007 Water Activities | Odd Museums |
Jun. 2007 May Snow in LongTan & the Search for Tung Blossoms |
May. 2007 Clean Billiards Square | Xian Jen Ho's - Chinese drum arts |
Apr. 2007 Lazer Treks | Enjoy the pleasure of lazy yoga at Thai Health Spa ! | Bao An Temple |
Mar. 2007 The Swami Salami School of Yoga |
Jan. 2007 A Fort Tells Its Story: News Flashes From A Dutch Past |
Nov.2006 National Taiwan Junior College of Performing Arts |
Oct. 2006 FuHe Bridge Flea Market | Taipei Wifly Broadband Network | 7-Eleven | 2006 Yingge International Ceramics Festival An Adventure in Ceramics Land |
Sep. 2006 Past and present at Treasure Hill | Restoring glory to SanXia Old Street |
Aug. 2006 Guandu |
Jul. 2006 A Quick Get-Away: BiTan | Taiwan Storyland |
Jun. 2006 Fresh Art 3 Contemporary Taipei Galleries | La Chaine des Rotisseurs: Taiwan's growing circle of gastronomes | The Swami Salami School Of Yoga |
May. 2006 Space Yoga Tien-Mu | Taiwan ghost stories: Xinhai tunnel |
Apr. 2006 Taipei House (Spot Cinema) |
Mar. 2006 Horse Riding | Discovery Center Of Taipei |
Feb. 2006 Frozen Frolics at The Ice Bar | Hey Song Pavilion |
Jan. 2006 TRUE YOGA | MRT Adventures: Yuanshan | Weekend Flower and Jade Market |
Nov. 2005 Second-Run Movie Theatres |
Oct. 2005 JIN BAO SHAN: Last resting place of songbird Teresa Teng |
Aug. 2005 Comics Are Standing Up in Taipei |
Jun.2005 Meng Chia Park- Bringing Beauty Back to Wan Hua | Yangmingshan Weekend Hiking: A great bonding experience for family and friends |
Jan. 2005 Arabesque Belly Dance Troupe - Merging Dance and Culture | Forehead Mountain |
Dec. 2004 Camping on Yushan's Doorstep: Tatajia | The 2004 Taipei Biennial :"Do You Believe in Reality?" | Love so deep - Taiwan Dr. Dog | Crome Relic's Glam-Rock Revival |
Nov. 2004 River Tracing in Wulai | Visiting the home of a master: Lin Yutang's House | A Shortcut to Dating--OrganizedFlirting.com | Moonlit Magic: 'Round Midnight |
Oct. 2004 Reiron | Taipei Northern Hakka Culture Hall (Hakka Theater & Music Hall) | Glimpsing the mysterious Emperor's Jade Shroud |
Sep. 2004 An Amis master keeps bamboo beauty alive |
Aug. 2004 Finding The Best Swimsuit | West Coast Wind-Surfing | Body Buddy |
Jul. 2004 2004 Men's Summer Fashion | Five Hours On Green Island | Taipei Site Maps | The 2004 International Drum Festival |
Jun. 2004 Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines | Evening Wear: Let's Jazz It Up! | Getting Close To Nature: Whale Watching | Free Hotspots for Wireles Internet Connections In Taipei |
May. 2004 Puppets Speak and Perform---Children's Puppet Theater | Summer 2004 Trend Watch: Optimism | Modern Fire Dance: Playing with Fire at the Orange Cafe |
Apr. 2004 Party Dress | Tips for Being a DJ | An Interview With Lee Xin: At The Turn Of Life--Flamenco | Cross-Talk: The Art Of Laughing |
Mar. 2004 Summer 2004 at a glance: Color trends | Taipei goes green on St. Patrick's Day | Global theater at the "Show Wen I Tung" International Theatre Festival | International Dajia Festival Celebrate Matsu's birthday |
Feb. 2004 Bohemia sweeps through Taiwan | The Ultimate Beauty Of Eastern Women--Belly Dancing |
Jan. 2004 Jiaosi Hot Springs Festival | 2004 Spring And Summer Purse Trends | KamikaSze Frozen | Exploring the Pyramids: Ancient Egyptian Art from The Louvre
Dec. 2003 On The Trail Of Lin Shao-Mao, The Last Outlaw | A Nostalgic Tribute to the 20th Century: Part 2 | Juming Museum |
Jul. 2003 Shi-san Hang Museum of Archaeology-- how they used to live | Legend Lin Dance Theatre | Theatre Group of Creative Society,Sailing in Taiwan |
Jun. 2003 Rockclimbing | The Human Condition-Green Light Theatre | POP Cinema is not your ordinary movie theater | Cao Shan Xing Guan | Dalongtong Bao An Temple |
May. 2003 Flamenco spices up Taiwan's entertainment menu | Beijing Culture & Humanities--Tea House | The Paper Windmill Cultural Foundation revives The Red Playhouse | King of the World at SongShan Nature Reserve |
Apr. 2003 Taipei Museum of Drinking Water | Karting Mania in Taipei County | The Dance King--Jose Greco Flamenco Dance Company | The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra | Indian Civilization--Art Exhibition |
Mar. 2003 Off Performance Workshop | The Eyeball Loves the Globe | Streams of Encounter-electronic media based artworks | Xi Xia Vibes ¡V NingXia Dance Group |
Feb. 2003 Thalie Theatre Company | Moscow City Ballet | Spring Theater - "Love has no rhythm or reason" | Beauty from the sea |
Jan. 2003 Moscow City Ballet | Tekk Tribe Art Project | Present Century¡¦s Dance Group No. 6 Production "Jin" (well) | Hey Song Pavilion |
Dec. 2002 Breeze Center' Close Up Portraits of the Dawu | Edge Roundup'Discovering Taiwan's indigenous culture in the heart of Taipei |
Nov. 2002 Alt Feature | Culture Bites | Edge Roundup | Revitalizing Taiwan's Traditional Arts |
Oct. 2002 Culture Bites |
Sep. 2002 The Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art | Miniatures Museum of Taiwan | Culture Bites | Alt Roundup |
Aug. 2002 " Maya: Mysteries in the Jungle" | Taipei Art Village | Culture Bites | Alt Bites |
Jun. 2002 Getting wet and wild at Taiwan's water parks | The Toa-Thiun-Thian Puppet Centre | A tribute to Max Liu |
May 2002 Back in the saddle again | The Taipei New Century Cultural Arts Group | Director Tsai Ming-Liang |
Apr. 2002 The Birthplace of Taiwan Beer | 2002 International Theatre Festival | The Novel Dance Series 2002-Women in Action |
Mar. 2002 Stepping up to the plate in Taipei | Yangmingshan Night Life | ArtseeHouse | Chamber Orchestra of the Emporda |
Feb. 2002 Yinko Ceramics Museum | Advanture Kanyak Club | Interwiew with Winds Records General Manager Ken Yang |
Jan. 2002 The Taipei Animals | Museum of World Religions | Matthew Lien |
Dec. 2001 Taipei's Favorite Hot Spring Retreat | The Typhoon Hockey Club | Interview with Biung |

What's New Locations From Past Issues:

Jun. 2003 :Cao Shan Xing Guan

May. 2003 :
The Metropolitan Hall, Third Floor Onion

Apr. 2003 :Goddess of Mercy Temple-Lui-Dau-Tamshui, Museum of Thirteen Hung,Lucky House

2003:Seagaia Hot Springs and Hotel

2003: ICON Spa Exclusively for Men , Shin Shin Cinema City (SSCC) , The Yuanshan Villa

Jan. 2003: Discovery Center of Taipei

DEC. 2002:
A Pa Art School' Da Ban Gen Vacation Village , Shui Mei Hot Springs HostelSPOT Taipei Film House

. 2002:
Taipei City Residents' Convenience Service Center , Kuo Yuan Ye Cake and Pastry Museum

Sep. 2002:
Beautiful Life E Spa Center ,Nang Kong Tea Museum

Jul. 2002:

Jun. 2002:
Red Castle in Hsin-Men

May 2002:
Feng Xi Tang New Year Chinese Paintings, Les Suites Taipei (Ching-cheng Branch)

Apr. 2002:
The Westin Taipei, Dah Kuang Palace

Mar. 2002:
New City Gallery, National Taiwan University Sports Center

Feb. 2002:
Cloud Gate Dance Studio, Hanart, World Museums Shop

Jan. 2002: Alexander Health Club (WTC Branch)

Dec. 2001: Museum of World Religions, Pacific Business Center

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