Taiwan Fun Magazine, May 2004


Puppets Speak and Perform---Children's Puppet Theater

By Huang Baoyi Translated by John Johnson Photograph of "Puppet & It's Double" supplied by Li Mingxun

     "Song Song Song Children's &Puppet Theatre" Troupe leader Ju Shu-Ming

     Songs, dance and plays for this performance are inspired by this ancient classic, which includes compositions from the famous poet Qu Yuan. These are put into a modern context to allow the children in the audience to gain an appreciation for ancient culture. Ju Shu-Ming, Puppet Master and Troupe Leader, stated that the main idea behind "Song, Song, Song" is fundamentally simple, but not crude, in its presentation, and it tries to leave a deep impression in the minds of the audience.

     In existence for more than 16 years, the theater has toured extensively and performed over 50 different plays in public performances and uses both actors and puppets on the stage. Chinese legends, famous children's stories and children's issues are all incorporated and brought to life on the stage, in order to inspire the imagination and creativity of the audience.

     This group holds both scheduled and unscheduled theater workshops to give more opportunities for the audience to connect with this art form. This is to, thereby, inspire a new generation of teachers, theater groups, and children's theater performance groups so that children and adults alike can enjoy the shows and perhaps create their own theater.

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     "Puppet & It's Double" Troupe leader Zheng Jiayin

     "Puppet & It's Double" is the first Taiwanese troupe to specialize in modern puppet theater. Due to their enthusiasm, they set the pace for the development of contemporary puppet theater in Taiwan, incorporating puppet theater with elements of modern stage design, making their possibilities seemingly boundless - they are certain to stir up the puppet theater world.

     The "Puppet & It's Double" troupe produces theater exclusively for adults and hopes to provide something original and imaginative, something to cause the audience to reflect and think on another level. These productions combine experimental and new approaches to performances, leading to distinctive performances, new developments in technology and new ways to teach puppetry. In all, "Puppet & It's Double" is certain to provide an inspiration for "Taiwan New Puppet Theater" in the future.

     This April, the Crown Theater is the venue for the production of "Hello - Good-bye," a play alluding to the process of give-and-take. All those who are interested in "Taiwan New Puppet Theater" are invited to participate. For more information visit http://home.kimo.com.tw/puppetjox2/index.html