Taiwan Fun Magazine, October 2006


--By Josie Wu, translated by Sho Huang


The WIFLY Network, officially launched in June, has acquired the certificate of accreditation by Jiwire, an international organization, to become the first city in the world to run a public WiFi network. There are 42 lines in the network, covering the main commercial districts, most chain coffee shops, MRT stations and many government-run institutions. Q-Ware System & Services Corp. has also teamed up with 7-ELEVEN to build a "digital convenience store", enabling access to network service with 100 meters of 600 7-11s. Thanks to this new innovation, Taipei residents can always stay connected to the world wherever they are in the city. For more information, visit: http://www.wifly.com.tw

A. Taipei City Mayor Ma Ying-jeou, together with Taiwan IT industry leaders, announces the completion of Taipei WIFLY Broadband Network, making Taipei the first city in the world to provide this kind of service.

B. 7-ELEVEN carries a seven-day (NT$200) and 110-minute WIFLY cards (NT$99). Varied choices, including various pre-paid card deals or a fixed-rate member charge, provide benefit to more people.