Taiwan Fun Magazine, December 2002

Edge Roundup:

Translated by Gary Jenkins

Candle Party

Time: December 3 - January 12
Place: Xiu Zhen Museum
Tickets: NT$180 (Adults); NT$150 (Discount); NT$100 (Children)
Information: (02) 2515-0583

       Once only a simple source of light, today’s candles come in a variety of shapes and colors and fill a variety of roles. Romantics find them essential in creating mood ?a candlelit dinner, for example ?and birthday parties are not official until the last candle atop the cake is extinguished. Candles perform practical functions, too, like healing our harried souls thanks to aromatic oils in the wax. Last, but not least, candles are accessories to Christmas celebrations round the world. This holiday season, Xiu Zhen Museum will hold a luminescent feast for the eyes ?an exhibit of handmade candles. Discover a beautiful new look in the quintessential candle.

Floating World

Time: December 19-21, 7pm; December 22, 2:20pm & 7:30pm
Place: Hwa Shan Art & Cultural Special Area - Wu Mei Brewery
Tickets: NT$350 (Standard); NT$300 (Student)
Information: (02) 2341-9898

       "Floating World" is expressed as a Zen Buddhist pantomime, but quite different from other pantomime forms. Actors appear in transcendental space using qi gong to convey their message. After Sun Li Tsui completed "Lotus Earth", "Strong Wind Blowing", and "Mountains and Sea Scriptures", she formed this group, which lives and works together in Yang Ming Mountain and where “Floating World?developed. The piece portrays enlightenment in terms that are visually exciting yet gentle, melancholic while humorous, and in ways that people can relate to. It represents a newly developing, emotionally powerful form of acting that guarantees awakening in theatergoers.

Michael Angelo & the C4 Taipei Concert

Time: December 15, 7pm
Place: Central Daily News, Hwa Shia Room
Tickets: NT$900; NT$1,200; NT$1,500

       Who springs to mind when it comes to double-handled guitar playing? Michael Angelo! Angelo and C4 came together in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when starting their musical career at Hard Rock Caf?and the Blues Home Restaurant. Their songs have withstood the test of time, and their concerts are flawless. Regardless of all the media hype, C4 has a relaxed attitude about their success ?but they do maintain a total commitment to their music and to the audience. After playing in 28 different countries, Michael Angelo believes C4 will become an international band. He will be leading C4 for the first time in Taipei for a dazzling performance.