Taiwan Fun Magazine, March 2003

Edge Roundup:

Translated by Richard Lu (§f¬F¿o)

Streams of Encounter-electronic media based artworks
DDate: till March 23rd
Location: Taipei Fine Arts Museum D~F Section
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       This exhibition includes 19 pieces of work by 20 artists from Kunsthochschule fuer Medien, a media school in Cologne, Germany. Through the medium of modern technology, they skillfully combine time and space, leading the audience into a reordered world. Some pieces demonstrate the relative physicality and spirituality of the concept of time with respect of Mother Nature. Among these works, some photography and recording works allow us to comprehend visions we are normally unaware of. By means of editing and simulation, these visions have been intensified and transformed, providing a fresh experience of interactive viewing. Media Art, so-called Digital Art or Tech Art, includes Recording Art, Sound Art, Interactive Art, Multi-media Art, Web Art, and other forms.

Cloud Gate 2--"In the Beginning"

Date: March 28-29 (Fri-Sat) 7:45pm; March 29-30 (Sat-Sun) 2:30pm
Location: Novel Hall for Performing Arts
Ticket Price: NT$ 400 600 900 1200
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       "In the Beginning"--myths and legends told by every ethnic group, is the first collaboration of Cloud Gate 2 and Hong Kong choreographer Helen Lai. Lai has searched through many tribes¡¦ ancient myths, and now, through dancers¡¦ bodies, a Taipei version of "In the Beginning" has been created. While composing, the dancer plays a critical role of writing "In the Beginning," his affection toward myth being transformed into body language. Lai is much respected in Great China's choreography circles.

 Taipei Film Festival

Date: March 9th to March 22nd
Location: ChungShan Hall, The Metropolitan Hall (Taipei Municipal Social Education Hall), The Spot, Hoover Theater
Web: http://www.ch5.tv/TIFF/
Ticket On-line: http://ticket.acer121.com
Customer Service: (02) 2771-6047, (02) 2778-1577

       After Taipei Film Festival¡¦s successful experience of empathizing the topic on the CITY last year, it will take us to Kyoto of Japan and Melbourne of Australia this year. Starting from March 9th, for 2 weeks, Taipei Film Festival will introduce the New Wave of Australian Film began in the late 70¡¦s. In addition, the latest and best films from Australia in recent years will be presented. Through many rarely seen films, everyone will get a chance to appreciate this unique country from south hemisphere. In the course of various classic Japanese films to be shown, you would likely to realize the profound influence of Kyoto, which is the center of traditional Japanese films, brought to Japanese films; moreover, the city¡¦s beauty and transformation over the years. Besides watching all these films presented, Taipei Film Festival will hold many discussion sections, topics including the two countries¡¦ transformation in film industry, cuisine, and music. Furthermore, Taipei Film Festival offers outdoor cinema, concert, costume show, Japanese tea ceremony, antique and film poster exhibition, and photo gallery¡Ketc. Let¡¦s just say that Taipei Film Festival is just the event you wouldn¡¦t want to miss!