Taiwan Fun Magazine, June 2005

In the evenings, over 2,000 star lights which have been installed in the ground light up the plaza.

Meng Chia Park- Bringing Beauty Back to Wan Hua

For a long time, the scenic area around Long Shan Temple has been marred by its notoriety for being the hangout of many homeless people. Then the Taipei City Government made it an objective to turn the place around and rebuild Wan Hua. Park No. 12 in front of Long Shan Temple finally completed its renovation on January 22 this year, and has been officially renamed Meng Chia Park.

There are pleasant pedestrian walkways, a huge water fountain and an astrological map on the surface of the plaza. There is also an underground shopping mall, food hall and parking area. This not only solves visitors' parking dilemma, but also gives everyone another good option for shopping and having fun clearly, this new park has beautified the entire Long Shan Temple area. The park's water fountain has been named the "Beauty Mirror Pool". Legend has it that this is where the goddess Kuan Yin used water as a mirror. Basking in this romantic legend, one can enjoy a fantastic high-tech display of water and light dance, every 15 minutes daily from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m.

The astrological map in front of the fountain is an almalgation of Western and Eastern astrology. In the evenings, over 2,000 star lights which have been installed in the ground light up the plaza. On the edge of the plaza, you will find a stand that provides audio astrological explanations. Visitors can pick out their own astrological signs and listen to the explanation in Chinese, English or Japanese.

The underground shopping mall in Meng Chia Park is divided into 48 areas with a total of 426 shops that opened for business on March 27, with more businesses starting up in the near future. The underground parking area has 567 private car parking spaces and 279 motorcycle parking spaces, making it very convenient for visitors. Situated in front of Long Shan Temple, Meng Chia Park is closely linked to the MRT and Wan Hua District, creating a great new, scene city hotspot with its connection to the district center and shopping area.

By Shanzi Chen Translated by Cara Steenstra