Taiwan Fun Magazine, April 2004


An Interview With Lee Xin: At The Turn Of Life--Flamenco

By Bonnie Huang Translated by Wendy Su

     Despite Lee Xin's reserved look, I can see her happiness and radiance. In previous articles, reporters have always described her as the dentist who gave up a million-dollar salary for Flamenco. When I first saw her, I regarded her as a symbol of courage and happiness. She says that: "Before 30, Lee Xin was a good dentist, a good daughter, and a good mother. After 30, Lee Xin's inner soul, dark and restless nature has finally found its way to the light."

     Lee Xin not only specialises in Flamenco dance performances and teachings, she also expresses herself through paintings. Her paintings reveal her inner feelings about a woman's passion and dreams. Through her paintings, she attempts to re-examine men and their sexual passions through the eyes of a woman who has been released from traditional ties.

     Lee Xin is a feminist and she thinks that housework and chores don't necessarily have to be done by men. She says that if technology can advance to an extent where men are able to have babies, she will definitely want her man to have a couple. She always felt that women don't need to accommodate men's opinions, until she met Lin Gun, a man who has a passion for Flamenco dancing. Lee Xin says that because she felt so much in love with Lin Gun, but at the same time was very jealous of his eye contact with other women, at the age of 35 she decided to get involved in Flamenco as well. And ever since her initial involvement, she has had an inseparable relationship with Flamenco. As a result, her life is dazzling and full of color.

     Flamenco is a culture, and also a way of life. For the people of Southern Spain, Flamenco is a spice of life and a means of expression. It expresses the pain one gets from love, blood one sheds from being injured, the feeling of anger, and other strong emotions. These are all characteristics of Flamenco, and through the body movements of the dancers, these emotions are easily aroused.

     This June, Lee Xin's troupe will hold a public performance and will display the lust of the ancient times to 21st-century Taipei. For those who are interested in Lee Xin or interested in Flamenco, you can find out more about Flamenco from this website: http://www.flamenco.com.tw