Taiwan Fun Magazine, March 2004

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Summer 2004 at a glance: Color trends

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     This season, an abundance of all things bright and bold will have you glowing. Designers have stopped at nothing to express "optimism" through an enthusiastic, decadent use of color. From the punchy pink dresses and melon-hued sandals to a burst of bright blooming florals and glitzy glamour of '50s St. Tropez-spring, there is plenty to revive your wardrobe. Get ready to splash into a season of bright delights by looking at the season's Hottest Color Rules.

1. Anything but black

     The runways are painted with every hue of the rainbow, from soft flesh tones and powdery foundation shades to '50s sorbets (mint, lemon, powder blue, lilac and pink), florescent brights (fuschia, apple greens and sulphur yellows) and dazzling gold and copper metallics for the night. Think ancient Egypt!

2. In the flesh

     Even if you are a bit conservative and don't want to show it all, this season you'll be able to walk around in flesh tones, the hottest thing since chocolate! Designers such as Donna Karen, Givenchy, and Calvin Klein have paid homage to the "ballet" with ethereal, feminine, delightfully "girlie" stories. Their collections are filled with the softest shades of salmon, peach, sugar almond, pink and a new even-paler-than-skin "pink".

3. Abounding Prince Charming

     What would summer be without prints and patterns? You will certainly be spoiled with choices, as designers have truly gone wild and crazy: Dolce Gabanna's floral planet retro color explosion; Versace's uplifting florescent '50s-inspired surfy florals; and the more subtle, soft, muted granny florals and butterflies of Emma Cook and Prada. There's also a good dose of '60s-inspired dots and graphic prints mixed with '70s disco. If that's not enough, vintage '40s-influenced embroderies, applique prints, and exploded photo prints of bygone eras, mixed with antique rose, have graced the runway. Lastly, designers are self-advertising with a return to pop-art-inspired self-portaits and giant lettering on tops.

     This season is all about being bright, bold and femininely beautiful. So go ahead and let go! Pair florals with stripes and brights. Have fun, but be warned: Keep colors in check with similar shades for prints and complimentary color for plains. Summer 2004 is tastefully quirky, clashy, and kitschy!