Taiwan Fun Magazine, January 2004


Kamikaze Frozen

By Elisabeth Cheng Translated by Sheng Chen

Bar: The Villa
Bartender: Hank
Cocktail: Kamikaze Frozen

     On my first visit to The Villa, this establishment stood out in the rain because of the mild light coming through the French windows. Inside, Jessica, the vice president, gave us a passionate smile, and led us to the bar where Hank began preparing the Kamikaze Frozen. Kamikaze, which in Japanese means "the wind from god," is associated with the suicide pilots of World War II. It is now the name of this drink--and along with Cosmopolitan, Hot Toddy, and Long Beach, is one of the most popular drinks served at this bar.

     While this particular drink may taste innocent, like a strawberry sorbet, its powerful ingredients may well turn inexperienced drinkers into kamikazes!

     Cocktail ingredients:
* 1.5 oz Vodka
* 1.5 oz Contreau
* 1 oz Lime Syrup
* 2.5 oz Strawberry liqueur
* 0.5 oz Lemon Juice

     Fill the blender with one scoop of ice, followed by the ingredients listed above. Blend for around two minutes. Pour the sorbet-like result slowly into a martini glass garnished with a cherry.