Neihu MRT

Neihu MRT

Possessing one of the most convenient and well-developed mass rapid transit systems in the world apparently wasn't enough Taipei's city government. The NeiHu MRT line is nearing completion and, despite labor shortages, will be operational towards the end of June. The NeiHu line will extend the existing MuZha line all the way to NeiHu station, connecting the end of the BaNan line (Nangang station) to end of the MuZha line (Chungshan Middle School station) and, perhaps even more importantly, opening SongShan Airport station, thus giving you some much-needed extra minutes to pack your suitcases.

With Neihu district quickly developing and a large number of companies moving their headquarters to this district, the expansion will allow the further convenience of getting you to work that much faster. If you do not work in this area, you should still take advantage of the rapidly-developing MRT system, which give access to a number of hiking trails and parks (some which allow fishing) where you can kick back and enjoy Taipei.

Once the NeiHu line is fully operation, it will take only 28 minutes to travel from the outskirts of NeiHu station to Taipei Main Station. According to the China Post, during peak hours its expected transportation volume is a whopping estimated 28,400 passengers per hour, and trains will arrive in each station at 72-second intervals.

According to the Taipei Times, the Taipei city government estimates that the XinYi line will be completed by 2012 and will once again ease traffic conditions. More importantly, we can reap the benefits of the ever-expanding transit system, save a few bucks, and get to our favorite hotspots faster then ever. Theoretically speaking, it's an arguably greener way to get to those places where the fun is and enjoy your favorite beverages! By Scott Moses, translated by Ann Lin