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Taiwan Storyland


Taiwan Storyland


Taiwan Storyland

50, ZhongXiao W Rd, Sec 1, B2
(opposite Taipei Train Station)
Hours:10:30 am-10 pm
(Latest entry into the museum:9 pm)

Taiwan Storyland, which just reopened, is Asia's biggest retro-style street scene museum spread over 1500 pings and holding a collection of over 600 items. There are three street scenes: the Minnan-style baroque ZhongHua Street, a Japanese He-feng style Boulevard and a village scene. Every item, including fliers on the walls, trace the story of Taiwan's growth as a society--and as you explore, remember you are now a part of that story now, too! --By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee

A. Taiwan Storyland focuses mainly on early Taiwanese farmer's life; including stops like town chief Mr.Chen's house, an old-fashioned convenience store, a stage for traditional puppet shows, a photo shop, a pharmacy and even a movie theatre that seats an audience of 50. All in all, they return us to simpler times, like a trip through the tunnel of time, showing a lifestyle when people only had limited resources to depend on.

B. Games such as pinball and snacks such as sweet ice shavings can be tried at the newly-renovated Storyland. They have also added Taiwan's only "Taiwan's First Big Mall", which sells only imported items such as art pieces or specialities from around the globe.