Taiwanfun's Gallery

Red and Black with circle: oil
paint and graphic pen: 53 x
41cm - 2008.This is part of an
on going series of paintings.

*July artist--Rebecca M. Logan

Rebecca is from Lancaster in the UK, and has been living in Taipei for almost four years. She has been teaching ESL English for the past five years.

"I started painting and drawing at an early age as my mother who is also an artist actively encouraged this. I was in an environment where I was surrounded by visual imagery which stimulated my imagination.

I have exhibited work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, as well as the one in Bath. I have also shown work in galleries in London. The most recent show was at the Wild East Art Show at Beat Studio in January 2008.

Colour is integral to any piece of art work that I create. Since colour is fundamental to all aspects of our psychological being, it is the most powerful of the visual media.

My paintings, by broad definition, are very much about how colour, form and space interact, in the sense that I think about the method of painting, the physicality of it, the variable textures, hues and shapes. Painted space is activated and brought to life by colour, light and form. How each variable within a painting lends individuality, but at the same time, blends into the broader whole, is the basis from which I attempt to describe the complexities of the relationship between biomorphic-geometric elements.

My desire is to create images that produce a myriad of responses from the viewer, while being moving and stimulating formal art objects that are also strangely attractive or beautiful. The harmonious interplay between pigmentation, light and form, is inspired by the mathematical principles of geometry and biomorphic-organic references commonly found in nature.”

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