2008 Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE)

The Imaginary World of Reading & Fun

By Dionysus
Translated by Ann Lee & Diva Yang

This year's long-awaited TIBE, the most diverse international book fair in Asia, is back and ready to impress bibliophiles from all over Taiwan. Among the major attractions at this year's festival is the specially-featured Australian Pavilion, which will display several publications from Australia. There will be a total of four areas, including a special section called the "Australian Artists Book Exhibition," which will feature hand-made books and chapbooks made by outstanding artists; a photography exhibition on Australian landscapes; and children's sketches. In addition, you will find an area devoted to Australian travel and literature, with a special exhibition set up by Lonely Planet. Through this section, visitors should get a closer look at Australian culture and literature.

The theme of travel and literature is quite popular this year; apart from a literary exhibition from France entitled "The Strange Traveler", fair-goers will also have a chance to browse through some superb anime and comic books, sketches and photographs. Local publishers have also thrown in a few travel related books for the exhibition, so readers can perhaps learn more about Taiwan.

Established in 1929, the TIBE cooperates with "Stiftung Buchkunst" (Book Art Foundation); a Germany organization, which annually doles out the "Most Beautiful Books in the World" award. The winning books of the past five years will be displayed at TIBE 2008, so book-lovers can have a chance to thumb through some new classics. Other special sections of the fair will be geared towards young adults and include a Children's Book Pavilion, at which parents and kids can participate in some fun arts and crafts together.

Where: Taipei World Trade Center, Halls 1, 2, & 3.
When: 2/13, 2/14, 2/18, 2008, from 10 am-6 pm; hours extended to 10 pm on 2/15 & 2/16. On 2/17, the fair will be open until 8 pm.
A reminder: Try taking public transport to the venue; you can also take the free shuttle bus, arranged by the sponsors, which will run between Taipei City Hall station and the Taipei World Trade Center.

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