Taiwan Fun Magazine, July 2004


2004 Men's Summer Fashion

By Josie Wu Translated by John Johnson

     What's new for men's fashion this year? If you want to wear something this season to express your own unique style, why not use some colors to match your outgoing personality and lifestyle? Try the "Smart Casual" trend from London, Paris and Milan, a style that is popular for men's wear in 2004, namely because it is casual, fashionable and comfortable to wear, even as the temperature rises during the summer months. For something a bit new but more stylish, try "More Colors", a new concept which offers a wide variety of colors in one's clothing line-up. Here, you can add bright colors to your repertoire of basic whites, cream colors, blues and others. Choose aqua-marine, canary yellow or even magenta to produce more dynamic results.

     Summer is the best season for men to express themselves. Even while relaxing or just having fun, you can use your creative instincts-- without the use of accessories--in selecting shirts. Choose something relaxed or casual with light fabrics, or even a simple vest, to show off your physique and sex appeal. Even in choosing shorts or sandals, try to build up a relaxed fashion attitude to express a modern style with eye-catching flowered patterns or something exotic. By doing so, you can have a new vitality, a sporty style which incorporates laid-back elements for this season.

     No matter whether you are lingering over a teatime, caught up in the hustle and bustle of the city, or even basking in the glow of a romantic evening interlude, you can still have a carefree-yet-fashionable sense of style. Remember, summer is the time to for men to shine!