Taiwan Fun Magazine, November 2004

A Shortcut to Dating--OrganizedFlirting.com

By Josie Duffer Translated by Munkholm


Reese Richardson wants to see you find a perfect match. His method is speed dating.

According to Richardson, current dating methods leave more than a little to be desired. From a shy personality to a fear of rejection, to yet a larger and more prominent fear of embarrassing ourselves in front of strangers, dating has never been an easy task.

Blind dates require putting your trust int a mutual friend to determine your compatibility with a stranger. Girls face guys leering at them in bars, then staggering over in a fashion which he may think is something akin to a sexy swagger but is nothing less than drunken stumbling. A guy will spend the better portion of the night chatting up a beautiful girl at the bar only to hear "let's be friends " as the night ends. Online dating is full of risks. Who is really on the other end?

Reese's organization OrganizedFlirting.com gives you the opportunity to meet 10 like-minded singles in a relaxed, pressure-free settimg with a good vibe.

Events, currently in English only, are being held at Chocolate & Love Lounge Bar (148, XinYi Rd., Sec. 4). Pre-registering--online or at the bar--is required. Participants are greeted at the bar and given a nametag, a brochure explaining how the evening will proceed, and a match sheet.

After a couple of quick introductions by the coordinator to break the ice, a bell rings to signify the beginning of the first five-minute date. After five minutes, the bell rings again and the guys get up and move one seat down the line, so that they are now sitting in front of a different girl. At the end of each date, each participant secretly marks a "hit" or "miss" on their match sheet, according to whether they wish to see the other person again or not.

A break is taken midway through to grab a drink and mingle. Dating begins again after a 20 minute interval. At the end of the event, all the match cards are handed to the event coordinator and any matches (both people mark "hit" for each other) are e-mailed to participants the following day.
Check out www.organizedflirting.com to find a category and age group suitable for you. All events require pre-registration.