Taiwan Fun Magazine, June 2004


Evening Wear: Let's Jazz It Up!

By Karishma Krishna Translated by Mallory Chen

     Beading, fringing, sequins, feathers, geometric-patterned dresses cut as straight as a pencil and asymmetrically-draped cocktails dresses made from weightless fabrics. Insets of lace, rectangular necklines, draping that reveals serious cigarette pants and fringe-like hems galore, in dusty rose and powder-toned rhythms! Designers have uncovered all these sinful delights while rummaging through the dressing boxes of 1930s Charleston jazz clubs.

     The result is luxurious, swanky, flapper dresses, intricate tops, (embroidered and sequined), and sparkly dresses mixed with bunches of irregular pleats held together by lozenges in contrasting colors. There is also plenty of the "Roaring Twenties," with a very forlorn grunge-like feel. It's all worn, torn and faded (the "old is new" look), but these clothes are definitely in the mood of rich, sensual elegance, with their asymmetrical hems, beaded fringes, and decorated accessories. A beaded bag and some sparkly beaded stilettos--or even a fringed soft drape for the neck--are an absolute MUST-have for this look.

     Although this look is inspired by the decadence of jazz, it's not high drama. In fact, it's actually the opposite--floaty and sensual but very low-key. Team a beaded sheath-shaped top with washed-out jeans for a casual look, or a satin-slip dress ruched by a brooch at the hemline with some sparkly kitten-heeled sandals and a beaded bag for a softer look.

     If it's a cocktail dress you need, then a fit-and-flare dress with a floating hem, or a sheath boxy dress in rich sparkly chiffon, accessorized with a long string of pearls, is perfect! For a more seductive take, try on a chain mail-styled top, or a corset top with some silk satin low-slung pants, or some stovepipe cigarette pants with stilettos and a feather boa, or something whimsical and light around your neck.

     This is definitely the richest-looking evening wear season, filled with lots of rhythm. It's perfect for those flirty dance nights and elegant summer cocktail parties. So girls, I hope you have a blast shopping and dressing up!