Taiwan Fun Magazine, December 2002

Culture Bites :

Information arranged by Selena Huang / Translated by Volker Lehmacher

Close Up Portraits of the Dawu

Place: Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines
Opening on January 19, 2003
Tickets: NT$150
Information: (02) 2841-2611

       This special exhibit of vintage photographs offers a comprehensive look at the Dawu peoples (formerly known as the Yami). Images were made by Japanese scholars during the early Occupation Period to record customs and lifestyles of the Dawu people native to Lanyu Island. Notes accompanying the nostalgic look back are sensitively transcribed: ¡§beautiful boats welcoming the arrival of flying fishes", "gathering and departure ¡V a time of enjoyment", " responding to powerful spirits", "heaven on earth - a view of their world¡¨, and "amazing achievements". Documentary movies entitled, "Pottery" (7minutes) and "Man and Plants" (50minutes), will be aired on December 7th, starting at 2pm.

Snow in August

Time: December 19 & 22 at 7:30pm; December 21 at 2:30pm
Place: National Theater
Tickets: NT$200 (Student); NT$500, NT$1,000, NT$1,500, NT$2,000, NT$3,000 (General)
Information: (02) 2341-9898

       ¡¨Snow in August¡¨, a play by Nobel laureate Gao Xingjian, revolves around Huineng, Chan Buddhist Patriarch, and the dramatic rise and fall of the religion. It offers the passion of a Shakespearean tragedy and a stunning array of talent: acrobats from the Fuxing, Guoguang and Zongyi troupes, musical compositions of Xu Shuya, and backup from the National Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Experimental Choir and ten other assemblies. Additional celebrities join the gathering: Wu Xingguo - lead actor; Lin Xiuwei - choreographer; Nie Guangdan - stage designer; Ye Jintian - costume designer; Marc Trautmann - conductor; and Philippe Grosperrin - lighting specialist.


Time: December 31 at 10pm; January 1 ¡V 3 at 7:30pm; January 4 at 2:30pm & 7:30pm
Place: The National Theater
Tickets: NT$400, NT$800, NT$1,200, NT$1,600, NT$2,000, NT$2,500
Information: (07) 740-3466

       The Gaelforce dancers, dubbed "the Ferrari of Irish tap-dance" by a German newspaper, invite you to enjoy their debut at the National Theater, Taipei. You¡¦ll be caught up in the action of their toe tapping beats and the powerful cadence of their dance. These world-famous Irish dancers have created a unique performing concept - mixing traditional Irish jig and bold new rhythms into their program. Ten fresh members, recently recruited from a world tapping contest, join the team. Lively music, dynamic movements and breathtaking design make this one show you won¡¦t want to miss!