Taiwan Fun Magazine, March 2003

Edge Feature :

By C'est le Nanan Translated by April Lin

Off Performance Workshop - Project #5.2
The Eyeball Loves the Globe ¡V ¡§The Cruel Flower¡¨
Conceptual Apparel Show VS Modern Theater

Off Performance Workshop
¡@¡@Performance Workshop was established in November of 1984. They¡¦ve raised the level of theater performance in Taiwan and became a strong force in promoting the appreciation for art and culture. The Workshop continuously encourages young talents to present their work in order to help maintain the quality of theater and performance in Taiwan. As a result of this effort, the Off Performance Workshop was created in the year 2000 with the objective to strive and search for unlimited creativity. This objective is wild, not bounded by any principles. It has endless room for experimentation, for the search of truth, for mistakes, and for revisions. All these and yet it can also become something totally different. With new presence, new people, new topics, new presentations, it is wild but controlled and well developed.

The Eyeball Loves the Globe
¡@¡@This is about an individual brand, a weird combination of free spirited artists, a science lab that defies all rules, etc. ¡§The Eyeball Loves the Globe¡¨ tries to jump away from traditional views on the function of apparel. It¡¦s no longer something to keep us warm but something that has a life of its own. Never speak the words ¡§Can you wear this on the street?¡¨ because this would no longer be necessary.

¡@¡@With the collaboration of these two exceptionally creative groups comes a show called ¡§The Cruel Flower.¡¨ It is inevitable that a mixture of conceptual apparel design and modern theater will create most unpredictable sparks. This show describes a part time graduate student named May. She goes about her everyday life in her own unique way. During her search for a plant that could cure her mother¡¦s illness, she stumbles into a forest of her imagination. In this world she slips in and out of reality and has a strange encounter with the plant she was searching for.

¡@¡@The most striking quality of this show is in the modern and alternative presentation. The costume uses basic flower and plant shapes that are paste together, creating the most clashing and bold effect. The main themes seem to be about unbalanced beauty and new clothing that appear to be worn and torn. This intentional play on contradiction is consistently apparent throughout the whole stage.

¡@¡@The visual effects in this show are all about a sense of oddness, but the attitude focuses on the interesting mix of humor and seriousness which seems to parallel the same complex mix of the good and the bad in life. The audiences are carried into this fantasy world through the moving images which penetrates each person to the core. ¡§The Cruel Flower¡¨ is a hypnotic experience that forces you to rethink the meaning of life.

¡@¡@Designer and director Chen Bor Wei is the soul and core of this show. His work includes everything from installation art, sketching, fashion design, to stage design. His creation, The Eyeball Loves the Globe, cannot be confined to a simple art performance but should also be considered a conceptual fashion show. Apparel becomes more than clothing but is upgraded to pieces of art with life. The combination of a fashion show and theater results in a performance that not only is rich visually, but it¡¦s almost like bringing the audience through a funky carnival. Another talent on this team is the creative director Tsai Kang Yeong. He¡¦s had a lot of experience with theater productions; working with both set and costume design. He was also the designer responsible for ASOS¡¦s last album and hosted the Golden Horse award show.


Additional Information:
Time: March 14th, 15th 7:30pm & 9:30pm; March 16th 7:30pm
Location: Huashan Arts District
Price: NT$450, available from ERA (02) 2391-1295
For information call: (02) 2698-2323
Website: www.eyeball.com.tw