Special Advertiser Focus

Taiwan Fun Magazine, May 2007

Clean Billiards Square

(02) 2716-9156
179, FuXing N Rd, 2F
Open: 24 hours
MRT: NanJing E Rd Station
Standard: NT$3/minute, specialized tables:NT$4/minute

National billiards champion Kemic has always wanted to provide a billiards venue unlike any other, for players who truly love the game. Keeping that in mind, he took over a place which had been running for a number of decades, and re-opened it, naming it "Clean". Kemic's elaborate plan for "Clean" can be seen as soon as you walk in the door. The place is equipped with Brunswick tables, which are familiar to veteran billiards players. First-class cues and spacious, luxurious-looking private rooms, which can cater for up to 20 people, are just two of Clean’s features. Unlike many poorly-lit billiards halls you see in Taiwan, Clean has sufficient lighting on the second floor and six electronic air filtering machines to ensure that the air circulates and players can enjoy their games in a comfortable, clean environment. If you happen to be one of those people who just come to kill time or tag along with friends, then you can kick back at Clean's independent resting/reading area, or the waiting and smoking room, where you can thumb through newspapers, books and magazines, as well as watch television and use wireless Internet. You can help yourself to the ground coffees (NT$20), or the carbonated beverages sold in the vending machines. The restrooms here are not only "clean" but also have a lounge feel with hip-hop music playing in the background, which shows Kemic's personal style even more. Present your business card to the staff and receive a special 10-percent discount; foreign guests can also enjoy this offer. --By Sean Chang, translated by Ann Lee