Taiwan Fun Magazine, June 2004


Free Hotspots for Wireles Internet Connections In Taipei

By Joe Duffer Part of translation by Annie

     As a true road-warrior, and with the nice summer weather returning, I find it nice to sit outside a coffee shop or pub and do my work from there.

Many places-McDonald's, Starbucks, Kohikan, Lavazza and Dante coffee shops-have wireless Internet facilities for customers. But they use a paid subscriber service. What we are interested in is the free connection that comes with a cup of coffee of cold pint of Hoegaarden. Fortunately, the trend among Taipei pubs is to go hot. That is to provide free wireless Internet access for their customers. While power outlets are available in most places, we still advise that you have your battery fully charged.

The lists here, by no means exhaustive, are of few of the early adopters to this trend.
Malibu West 。A friendly, Californian-themed pub in the heart of the zone, pool table, darts and a great selection of food. Hours 3pm to 2am. 9, Lane 25 Shuang Cheng Street. 02.2599.6039.

BobwunDaye 。A cozy rock, blues, jazz pub near the Liulichang MRT station. 26 Chongde St., Lane 38. Hours 2pm ?2am. 02.2377.1722.

Carnegies 。Popular nightspot with bar dancing and fun times. Quiet, open environment with a broad patio in the day. 100, Sec. 2, An Ho Rd. Hours: 11:30am to 3am 02.2325.4433.

The Pig 。Tienmu's traditional British style pub. Live music nightly. 78, Tienmu E. Rd. Hours: 11:30am to 3am. 02.2874.0631.

Citizen Cain 。Popular and hip music and art bar, nightly events and specials. 67, Dong Feng St. Hours: 5:30pm to 2am. 02.2706.2162.

The Tavern 。Self-styled "Theater of Sports". New location corner of Hsin Yi and Keeling Roads. Hours: 11:30am to 3am.

Alleycats 。Highly acclaimed Stone oven baked pizza garden. B1, No. 6, Li Shui Street. Hours: 5pm to 2am. 02.2321.8948.

Subway 。Fresh and healthy sandwiches from the American Subway chain. Fu Hsing North Road Branch. Hours:11am to 10pm.

Cozy Cafe 。Cold lattes and alcohol-based coffees are a great bet as well as handmade cookies. Yongkang Street, Lane 33, No. 23 (02) 27411170.

4am Cafe 。Floor-to-ceiling windows, comfortable seating, and lots of retro cum modern design elements open till 4AM. Kuang-Fu S. Rd, Lane 308, No. 38. (02) 2397.4754.

Club 75 。Bar/restaurant/lounge in Shilin/Tianmu large outdoor patio. Zhongshan N. Rd., Sec. 6. Hours: 5pm to 2am. 02.2836.8910.

Finally right near the exhibition hal,l many of the spots in Warner village have free hot spots.