Taiwan Fun Magazine, January 2004


2004 Spring And Summer Purse Trends

By Rita Huang Translated by Clint Munkholm


     In 2004, purses are set to become a symbol of one's own personal style. Women often say they can never have enough purses; this is similar to the fact that women also never have enough clothes.

     The great number of purses being promoted by major brands gives us an understanding of this trend. In the past, it was almost impossible to get a name brand purse. Now, every brand has started to promote its own less expensive sub-brand. This helps draw customers to name brands, and is a commercial achievement in this economically depressed era. Gucci is the most astonishing brand; of all Gucci products, only purses have had continuously increased sales, with no sign of abatement. Brands are also focusing on VIPs at the top of the marketing pyramid, while some are marketing purses as being the first step for youngsters eager to enter the world of famous brands.

     People can even find a name brand purse to go with casual dress--a way to immediately upgrade your style. This is the best means stylists recommend to ordinary people or celebrities. The importance of the purse in an overall style can thus be seen. I would like to suggest that people who are financially able try this recommendation, so that you can have an opportunity to turn from Cinderella into Snow White. However, suitable clothing is still very important.

     From this edition of In Vogue, you can not only see the most popular purses of spring and summer 2004, but also get a feeling for upcoming spring fashions. You'll have to study more in early spring in order to know how to dress yourself so that you can show your own style in the best way--and how to select a purse that can match many things to increase your charm.