Taiwan Fun Magazine, June 2005

Yangmingshan Weekend Hiking: A great bonding experience for family and friends.


By Jann Yeong Translated by Michael Ho

Editor's Note: Jann Yeong, a student at the Taipei European School, shares her experience on a great hiking trail on Yangmingshan. Thanks Jann, We hope your writing career only gets stronger and better from here.

Recently, my schoolmates and I went camping through the Yangmingshan National Park. The journey began inauspiciously, as we had to walk on slanting steps in the drizzling rain. There were pebbles all over the path, and we strode up in a hot and humid atmosphere. The first part of the day seemed an impossible task to complete. Up the seemingly endless steps we went; like many others, by the end of day I got blisters on my feet, which made our second day even more difficult and demanding.
Although the first-day's hike was difficult, there were still moments that were enjoyable. For example, as we finally arrived at the top of mountain, the landscape turned out to be stunning. While taking a break, we busied ourselves filming videos, taking pictures and taking in the view. After a long strenuous walk, resting on top of the mountain and breathing the fresh air was invigorating.

It was nearly sunset when we arrived at the campsite, so we had to put up the tent in the dark. Someone held a torch while others assembled the tent, but soon, familiar to working in the dim light and with teamwork, it stood up successfully.
The temperature in the evening was not bad. Our team cooked dinner together. It then started to drizzle a bit and we fell into deep sleep listening to the rhythm of the raindrops drumming on our shelter. Even though the night turned a bit chilly, it was still warm enough in our sleeping bags. We got up early the next morning and packed up our tent quickly again, ready for a day of new challenges.

The second route was no easier than the first. The trail was very different. Ropes were needed for slippery cliffs and slopes. Feeling a bit wobbly, I slipped quite a few times. Still, practice makes perfect and it became easier as I gained more experience on the ropes. After the jungle walk, it was back to long trek with rock-stairs again.
This expedition was insightful. I learned that team work is a really important part of holding people together both physically and mentally while facing the challenges of nature. Thus I want to share it with others and encourage you to hike this beautiful part of Taiwan's Yangmingshan Mountain.