Taiwan Fun Magazine, February 2006

Hey Song Pavilion

39, FuXing South Road, Sec. 1, 2F (Area B, Breeze Center)
Tel: (02) 2752-5589
Hours: 11 am-8 pm Tuesday- Sunday (closed Mondays)
Admission is free. For group visits, please call in advance to book.
???/ Photography is allowed.

--By Shanzi Chen Translated by Cara Steenstra

Breeze Center is situated where an old Hey Song soft drink factory used to be. To commemorate the original building, a special Hey Song Pavilion was set up in the shopping center's Area B. The hall is not large, but is set up like an old street scene -- replete with a Magical Time Theater and a multimedia wall display. With retro-style shops and high tech, it illustrates the changes in both Hey Song and Taiwan.

The most eye-catching item would be the antique promotion car replica. On the top is a large Hey Song bottle used as advertising, and this vehicle now serves as the information desk. On the right side in front of the car is a semi-circular area that has been modeled after a street scene from the '50s, including a record store, a "Dan Zi" noodles shop, a grocery store, a lottery ticket shop, a barber shop and a cinema. Opposite is the Hey Song Drinks historical monuments area. Items on display include drinks from the early days and the production tools of the era. These relics bring back memories for many of the older generation.

At the Magical Time Theater, the old and the new from Hey Song are combined and made into a fun and interesting short film. Inside a huge Hey Song Sarsaparilla bottle is a game where you can reach out and try to touch all the different kinds of drinks on the screen, only to discover they are only reflective images. There is also a vending machine here with a 200-track volume that was imported from Japan and is the only one of its kind in Taiwan. Insert your money, select the number that represents the drink you want and watch how the machine operates -- it will surely amuse you. Then take your drink and sit for a while in the resting area and watch early Hey Song advertisements on the LCD TV on the wall. The Hey Song Pavilion is an experience that brings you the past, present and future.