Taiwan Fun Magazine, December 2003


A Nostalgic Tribute to the 20th Century: Part 2

By Karishma Krishna Translated by Wendy Tzeng

     Not one to blindly follow every trend that blows onto the scene? Fine! Think of these looks not as dicta, but as subtle prods in a direction that you might normally overlook. This season's trends need not be as daunting and as over-the-top as mentioned in my last article (Oct. 2003).

     Whether a biker kick for those steamy dance nights or a 1920s lingerie touch for dress-up, here are some tips on how to wear this season's hottest looks.

The Sixties
This chicky retro is all about the mini, whether you pick a sleeveless A-line dress worn with a basic black polo neck, or a wisp of a skirt worn with a spicy inspired jacket. Colors are bright and mod and prints are graphic. But, to keep things slightly more mellow, mix some black or cream into graphic patterns. To complete the look, opaque tights and either pumps or flat boots make this look just right. Straight, sleek hair is a must!

Think of the dandy and Charlie Chaplin to get this look. This is a fun, playful version of his clothes that translates perfectly for work. The shapes are what you'd normally call classic. Example: cigarette pants; the man-styled baggy pants and fitted tailored jacket are a must. But, the layering of the appropriate details adds the twist. Crisp striped shirts or white shirts with oversized cuffs, whimsical neck scarves, velvet jackets, two-toned golfing shoes, bracers and caps, or even just a man-styled watch will get you "in vogue." And rev it up with a spot of color--lipstick. Red? Perhaps!

The Twenties
This 1920s-inspired speakeasy look is not about running around in your undies. This look is less about skin and more about subtly combining a variety of feminine fabrics and forming enhancing shapes, creating a sensually alluring feel. For the feminine approach, slip on lots of sequins, a soft silky, drapy skirt with a corset-like top under a biker-styled fitted leather jacket. Or try a fitted satin corset dress (for the more formal event), with a subtle touch of fur around your neck, matched with slick stillettos. For the more sophisticated approach, try the must-have pencil skirt with a fur-trimmed matching jacket and stillettos. The French beret and sequined hand bag are perfect accessories to complete the look.

The Biker Look
This tough chic, 1980s-inspired look (chain gang hitting the town) is definitely glam and super sexy. To start, toughen up with snaps, studs and zippas, but keep it sleek. Example: the biker jacket, paired with fitted, tailored, stretch, straight-legged white, black or shiny pants, or a matching pencil skirt and turtleneck. Now all you need is a metal belt or purse teamed with stilletto boots. For the more adventurous vampy approach, try the always-sexy fitted, black number thigh-high boots, a long French coat and, of course, a metal layer of sorts.

Have fun playing, ladies! Until next time!