Taiwan Fun Magazine, January 2003

Edge Roundup:

Translated by Heidi Yong

Present Century¡¦s Dance Group No. 6 Production ¡§Jin¡¨ (well)

Venue: Experimental Theater of the National Theater
Date and Time: January 2-4, 7.30 pm; January 4-5, 2.30 pm
Ticket price: 400 NT
Telephone: (02) 2343 1647

       This group¡¦s latest production, ¡§Jin¡¨ (well) is in direct confrontation with death. Serious without being sordid, ¡§Jin¡¨ is injected with a huge helping of black humor. Choreography of dance moves and stage images gives the production a vibrant and dazzling effect. ¡§Jin¡¨ combines six short clips revolving around the topic of death. Lightness of movement evolving into perfect rhythmic expression of the meaning of death, this production should be able to reach new heights simply by nature of its solid foundation.

Taipei Biennial: Great Theatre of the World

Date and Time: Now until March 2, 2003 (Tuesday-Sunday 9.30 am to 5.30pm)
Venue: Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Ticket price: 30 NT, concessions 15 NT
Telephone: (02) 2595 7656

       Taipei Biennial ¡§Great Theatre of the World¡¨ is adapted from the 17th-century Spanish mythologist Pedro Calderon la Barca (1600 to 1681). The international art scene in recent years has applied to the stage, theatres, movies, media sights and sound images and special effects, giving birth to a whole new way of recreating the arts. The foresight of the Great Theatre of the World is to provide the art scene with a totally new direction to the future.

Cross Talk by Wu Chao Nan and his pupils

Date and Time: January 10-12, 7.30 pm; January 11 and 12, 2.30 pm
Venue: Novel Hall
Ticket price: 300, 500, 800 1200, 1800 NT
Telephone:(02) 2234 5610

       In this age where the allure of hot gossip far surpasses the price of stocks and shares, everybody is looking for ways to chill out. ¡§Siang Sern¡¨ is synonymous with stand-up comedy in the West. Over here this art form also includes sing along, and unlike the West, the greater the applause and laughter, the more it gets the artists¡¦ creative juices going. Wu and his gang sure look forward to having a blast with ¡§Siang Sern¡¨ enthusiasts in January.