Taiwan Fun Magazine, January 2003

Edge Feature :

By Yi Yun Chen (³¯©É¶²)      Translated by Patricia Li (§õ¨Ø¾§)

Tekk Tribe Art Project


Tekk Tribe Art Project

       Tekk Tribe Art Project is comprised of VJs, DJs, designers, music producers, directors, engineers, animators, drummers, people who love to dance, and foreigners visiting Taiwan. It is an association for artistic performances, which focuses on the transmission of creative energy through a fusion of visual and audio experiences, and encourages modern forms of expression.

      Origins and Introduction
      After the art forum ¡§Groundbreaking Visual Art¡¨ was held, a group of visual artists collaborated with artists in the music industry, assembling in a common spirit of free expression. In 2002, Tekk Tribe Art Project began as an association with visual artists and music industry artists, promoting works of spontaneity. It became a space encouraging individualism in creative methods and a space for the exchange of ideas.


       Tekk Tribe Art Project focuses on these dialectics when presenting art and to express present artistic trends: space¡Xenvironment, environment¡Xevents, events¡Xinteraction, interactive mood¡Xconcepts. This group is developing a path to express what lies between dreams and reality, a world allowing one to probe the depths of the soul, and to move towards an awakening where there is complete visual and auditory artistic freedom.

      ¡§Tekk Tribe Art Project gives us the tools to create, but we were first inspired by the visions in our mind.¡¨
VJs contribute visual art presentations and music performances are created by DJs. There are also studies in white-noise experimentation, environmental decorations (machinery placement, use of space, effect of hallucinations on displays, video displays), and lighting art. These are some topics in the discussion of art as a multimedia language and in perceptions of art.

     Tekk Tribe Art Project is a psychological journey in which individual experience is transformed into collective experience. Its collaborators seek to have out-of-body and spiritual experiences similar to those in tribal rites. The projects¡¦ deeper meanings involve the association¡¦s becoming a direction, symbol, and connotative code. Observations on the emotional response and state of consciousness affected by these groundbreaking methods of artistic performance are an essential part of the process. The project is accomplished with an emphasis in exploring the psychology, physics, and philosophy of the art. It guides the audience to explore and develop a highly condensed and deep subconscious. From a universal point of view: within the vast ¡§stillness¡¨ there is great ¡§movement¡¨.

      Further information is available at:
http://tw.groups.yahoo.com/group/ART_PROJECT2002 http://www.geocities.com/isazanic/cstuff.html and http://awl.idv.tw

Artist Information:
2001 Epson On-line Advertisement Director
2001 Taipei Focus Club Visual Packaging Designer
2001.2002 Ford Motors On-Line Advertisement Director
2002 Moonlight Party Visual Packaging Designer
Currently iwant-in.net lnc. Chief Inspector of Visual Design
Father of Music and Little Worms Website Visual Design Planner
Ford Motors On-Line Interactive Advertisement Visual Designer
Epson On-Line Advertisement Visual Designer.
Currently iwant-in.net lnc. AD Visual Designer

Since 1977 rouge eyes and bleu blood.
Polygonal constructions, height:160cm, weight: 45kg.
A virtual music omnivore.
Welcomes interested patrons, but careful¡Khe bites! A request for contact does not guarantee acceptance as a patron. I have beautiful eyes so I can¡¦t resist seeing visions as beautiful as my eyes. The shape of my lips makes them unsuitable for smiling. Slightly hearing-impaired in the left ear, visually impaired in left eye, experiences some numbness in left side of body, causing him to overreact emotionally. ¡§To create is a beautiful thing.¡¨