Taiwan Fun Magazine, February 2003

Culture Bites :

Compiled by Selena Huang
Translated by April Lin

Moscow City Ballet

Time: "Sleeping Beauty" March 18,19 7:30pm; "Cinderella" March 20, 21 7:30pm
Place: National Theater Concert Hall
Price: 400 600 800 1000 1200 1500NT
Contact: (07) 740-3466

       Moscow City Ballet is touring Taiwan this time with a cast of professional technicians, 60 top dancers from Moscow, plus two 20 feet trailer trucks of sets and costumes. This time round, they are delivering two spectacular productions with their impeccable techniques that embody both power and elegance. With music that runs through the soul and lavishly detailed backdrops, the dancers' performance of "Swan Lake", "Cinderella" and "Sleeping Beauty" will take you into the magical world of classical ballet, where all you hear is the spell binding sounds, and all you see is the graceful movements of the passionate dancers. It's a performance that will surely captivate and enchant everyone's heart.

17th century Taiwan, Holland, and East Asia

Time: Until April 30, 2003
Place: National Palace Museum Building for Documents and Library, 1F Exhibit Room
Price: Adults NT$100, Groups NT$80, Seniors NT$50
Contact: (02) 2881-2081

       ¡§Formosa: 17th century Taiwan, Holland, and East Asia¡¨ is the world¡¦s most extensive historical exhibition about 17th-century Taiwan. This display combines artifacts from 38 private collections and public museums in Holland, Denmark, Germany, the USA, and Taiwan. Starting with the early days of Aboriginal society and the Dutch settlement, the exhibition covers the re-establishment of Chinese control under Cheng Chengkung (Koxinga), the Qing Dynasty, plus Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Indonesian, European, and East Asian influences. The evolution of Taiwan¡¦s diverse culture is revealed.

  Luisillo Teatro de Danza Espanola
Time: "Carmen" February 9 2:30pm & 7:30pm; "Don¡¦t Cry for Me, Argentina" Februay 8 2:30pm & 7:30pm
Place: National Theater
Price: NT$ 400 600 800 1000 1200 1600 2000
Contact: (02) 2341-9898

       Luisillo Teatro de Danza Espanola, established in 1962, is led by Luisillo, a well-known Spanish dancer/dance director. He has maintained the classic essence of flamenco dance, a dance that was originally only performed in small bars, and has introduced it to larger venues. "Carmen" is the melodramatic love story of Carmen, the corporal Don Jose, and Escamillo the toreador. Carmen, who wants to live for love, finally sacrifices her life for this cause. "Don¡¦t Cry for Me, Argentina" is the highlight of the show ¡§Evita.¡¨ The story revolves around the former first lady of Argentina, Eva Peron.