Taiwan Fun Magazine, August 2002

"Taipei's own artist colony: Taipei Art Village"

by Ken Lin Translated by Zoe Teng

    Taipei Art Village, located at the intersection of Bei-Ping East Road and Jian Jin Street, is drawing crowds of admirers these days. Not so long ago, it was just an abandoned and unnoticed government office building. But, last October, it was resurrected as an upscale four-floored structure where artists-in-residence join hands with local talent to present performances, exhibitions and programs. The rehab has not only healed an eyesore, but has breathed new life into the community's soul.

Taipei Art Village has fast become a forum for international performers, painters and poets to share their creative visions. An air of energy, as well as the exotic, surrounds the place and naturally generates lively discussion and cross-cultural exchange. It also lures passers-by with its paintings that hang on the outer walls. Inside, there is an exhibition gallery on the first floor. Out back is a sculpture garden. It is very likely that you will come across an artist or two in the cafe area. If you're too shy to join in on their conversation, Taipei Art Village hosts discussion forums that offer the opportunity to exchange your views on art with working artists.

Other events include "Artists Talking" where various artists-in-residence give lectures and slide presentations. There are also workshops where visitors can try their hand at the creative process and work directly with artists. On "open studio" days, view an artist's studio to learn more about the person and the techniques involved in their craft.

    Thus far, 15 groups and individuals from overseas have been involved in exchanges at the Taipei Art Village. Among them have been painters, sculptors, dance troupes and theater companies.

The public is invited to take in a show or exhibition or sign up for a workshop or other events. Whether you're in hot cultural pursuit or simply curious, the encounter will nurture a fresh perspective on life.

     7, Bei-Ping East Road
(02) 3393-7377