Taiwan Fun Magazine, April 2004


Tips for Being a DJ

By Ghost Nana Translated by John Johnson

     Moby once remarked, "No matter how cruel the world may be, even if we feel that we are living on borrowed time and we feel overwhelmed by the world, everyone is beautiful under the lights of the dancefloor, moving to the music" Everyone should celebrate for this is our party this is our society!"

     Dj'ing can now be compared to the big-names of the rock-and-roll world. DJ'ing started off many years ago. Now that techno has become popular, this type of music has become difficult to characterize. It later secured a place after it enter the scene and the most popular became Trance and Hard House, music that allowed other types of music to develop, providing a good environment conducive for other groups who shouldered the responsibility for future developments. There are a number of powerful innovators in the area whose accomplishments have gained acceptance. There is now Techno, House, with DJ @llen, Jimmy, Victor, Gravity, Virus, at the forefront, and Drum n' Bass with A-bomb, Moby, Fish and others.

     If you look at DJ's, good DJ's pay attention to the arrangement and performance. They pull together set for the pleasure and ecstasy of the audience; keeping abreast of the latest information in magazines is required to become a good DJ. Some have even traveled abroad to check out the scene. How good a DJ is reflects how good the local scene is.

     What do you need to become a DJ? Of course you need an interest in music and a feeling for the music. Then you need lots of practice to polish your skills. Standard DJ equipment, a mixer, two turntables and a CD player, is also a must. Some charisma and a sensitivity to the audiences' needs are bonuses.

     The National Taipei Technical Research Center has now set up courses relative to the topic. Visit http://techart.tnua.edu.tw for information; Taipei Electronic Arts holds related activities and forums- Visit http://techart.tnua.edu.tw/TEAP2002/; EC Multimedia Corporation offers courses for being a DJ, Techno and Digital Music and Production. Visit http://www.accmedia.com.tw or contact (02) 2381-9765 for information.