Taiwan Fun Magazine, October 2004


Taipei Northern Hakka Culture Hall (Hakka Theater & Music Hall)

By Echo Tsai Translated by Yvonne Chen


     In the face of rapidly changing society and culture, traditional Hakka theater and music have faltered. Taiwan's Hakka theater groups and teachers are also aging. The preservation of Hakka culture is a high priority. The Taipei Northern Hakka Culture Hall is one of Council for Hakka Affairs and Taipei City government's three Hakka culture halls. The lack of cultural space and resources in Taipei City has led to the halls’ establishment in the city's southern and northern sections – Peitou was chosen in the northern section because of its large Hakka population. The main work of the culture hall is to promote Hakka theater and music. Divided into exhibition area, small theaters, exhibition corridor, and an acoustic database, which is under construction, the hall serves to preserve and pass on Hakka traditions. To achieve a diverse use of the hall, renowned experts have been hired to teach courses. People who are interested in Hakka culture are encouraged to register for these classes. Classes include: an introductory Hakka class, Northern-pipe music class, three-leg tea picking theater class, traditional Hakka folklore seminar, and Hakka theater and music performances.

Date/ Event/ Time/ Performer
10/02 Hakka Musical Fantasy 2:30-4:30 pm, Ho-Hak Band Hsieh Yu-Wei's Journey. Lai Bi-Xia Lu Jin-Shou
10/03 Hakka Puppet Theater “A-Di and Dragon King”10:30 am-12:00 pm, Ti Tien She Traditional Theater
10/03 ShanXi Octet book launch and concert 3-5 pm, Peng Hong-Nan
10/08 Hakka modern dance《'Fog is Not Fog' 7:30-9 pm, Extreme Theater's 'Paper Cut Flowers'》

For detailed performance schedule and class registration form, please call or visit the website: www.hakka.taipei.gov.tw

Taipei Northern Hakka Culture Hall (Hakka Theater & Music Hall)
61, MingDe Rd., Peitou District
Tel : 02- 2825 0034
Hours:Tues-Fri:9 am-9 pm Sat-Sun: 9 am-5 pm (closed on Mondays)
MRT: MingDe Bus Stop : Line 216 Main/Minor 223 get off at MingDe Stop