Taiwan Fun Magazine, October 2004



By Leslie Tseng Translated by Yvonne Chen


     Around 2,000 to 1,400 years ago, two tribes lived along the banks of the Tamshui River: the Ketagelan tribe occupied the north shore and the Keelung River region, while the Reiron tribe lived along the south shore to the Linkou and Nankan areas.

They lived in harmony with nature, gathering food from the mountains and the rivers. And, despite the massive social changes of the past 400 years, the Datun and Guanyin mountains remain unchanged, still shielding the Tamshui River.
Today, Reiron carries on its ancestors' belief of living harmoniously with nature. An assortment of exploration equipment has been installed to create a series of compassionate and challenging courses designed to enhance and balance the participants' mind and soul through maneuvering, exploration, dialogue and reflection.

At Reiron, professional equipment guarantees absolute safety. With the warm encouragement of the trainer and your teammates, your can confidently balance and coordinate your body and climb to the top of the eight-meter-high wall--the north coast's first rock climbing facility--and take in the view of the Taiwan Straits. With calm courage, you can reach the Wish Platform at the top and wish for your dreams.
You can also stroll in mid-air, crossing the vine-covered net and steadying yourself on the single-plank bridge! Only by collaborating with your pals and taking turns in the tumble, will you have the opportunity to reach the Giant Ladder and share the excitement of reaching the peak!

Enjoy the sunshine, the breezes and a cup of Reiron coffee. On a warm day, sit back in the garden's log cafe and enjoy the simple life--the sounds of birdcalls and the sight of river birds soaring in the blue sky. Look out to the distant mountains above the glistening blue Tamshui River. Your spirit is instantly uplifted as the nuisances of life dissipate. The sky and the ground are your playground.

There are also tides, migratory birds, fiddler crabs, kandelia plants, rainbows, and sunsets, all awaiting your visit!

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