Taiwan Fun Magazine, August 2002

Culture Bites :

By Selena Huang Translated by Lisa Chiu

The Contemporary Legend Theater¡XThe Hidden Concubine
Showtime: 8/15-17 at 7:30 pm, 8/18 at 2:30 pm
Place: National Theater
Tel: (02) 2369-2616

       The Hidden Concubine borrows upon classic Chinese tales penned over a thousand years ago. This contemporary story is based on a complicated love triangle, and a man who builds a magnificent palace for his concubine who unfortunately chooses another lover. This work, powerful in its twisted manner, is staged against a dramatic backdrop designed by the well-known architect and cinema costume designer, Wen-Ing Huang. The impeccable performance combines kung fu, dance and romance with Beijing opera style story telling and takes place on Chinese Valentine's day.

Calefaction & Diffusion: Ceramic Works by Four Artists
Exhibition hours: Until 9/8
Place: 2nd floor, National History Museum
Tel: (02) 2361-0270

       This is a joint exhibition by four famous artists: Tai-Yuan Yang, Jing-Liang Chen, Yih-Wen Kuo and Sen-Hao Lo. Each maintains a unique style of sculpting in clay that is inspired by personal experiences. Yang has spent a lifetime learning about tolerance, and living in peace with earth and fire. Chen utilizes traditional techniques to create one-of-a-kind Chinese clay teapots. Yi-Wen Kuo, a former teacher in America, is a master of glazing techniques through years of practice. And, Sen-Hao Lo, who teaches at the Taipei Teacher's College, is dedicated to sharing the art of ceramics with students.

Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico¡KPhantom of the Opera
Showtime: 8/30 7:30 pm; 8/31 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm; 9/1 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm
Place: National Theater
Tel: (02) 3343-3133

       The Phantom of the Opera, set in a Paris opera house, tells of a musical genius that hides in an underground maze beneath the theater. He falls in love with an actress named Christine and teaches her how to sing until one day she becomes a famous celebrity. "Phantom" is a favorite in London where it has played continually since its debut in 1986. One of the most spectacular scenes is the Costume Ball episode. The Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico, established in 1978 and who joins the production, is regarded as top-notch for their re-enactment of "Phantom" on America's stages.