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藝術家海克哈 (HACK)

*May artist--Todd Hackwelder

Hack is a New Yorker currently living in Ilan. He has been living and working as a graphic designer in Taiwan for over six years. He started Discontinued Magazine in 2003, a free art magazine in Taiwan. The magazine has been on hold for two years, but it will be making a comeback this summer. (www.discontinuedmag.com)

Hack decided to start painting fulltime last year. He has completed over 350 paintings and he says it is just the beginning. He had a solo show called "Blues 53" at the Beat Studio Gallery in August 2007. He was also featured at the "Wild East Art Show" in Janurary 2008. On May 3rd you can see his first reggae art show at the River Bar in Chungli.

On May 31st Hack will be back at Beat Studio, teaming up with Tim Nathan Joel to put on a show called "Numbers" - A creative expression of how numbers can be interpreted as art. There will be hundreds of paintings and drawings at the show, all at very affordable prices. These artists want everyone to be able to buy art, so get there early.

In July Hack will be going back to Syracuse, New York to participate in a very large art festival. He will return again in August to continue his painting and shows all over Taiwan. Keep your eyes open and visit his website for details on upcoming events. (www.haikeha.com)

The above painting is called "escape dream." It is four canvases
(74x91cm) put together to form one painting. They can be displayed separately but were intended to be one large painting. He chose to use the black and red color scheme of Alleycat's Pizza in Taipei.

藝術家海克哈 (HACK) 藝術家海克哈 (HACK)

藝術家海克哈 (HACK) 藝術家海克哈 (HACK)

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