Taiwan Fun Magazine, April 2004


Party Dress

By Rita Huang Translated by John Johnson

     With more and more galas these days, don't you find it difficult to choose from all the different fashions worn by all the starlets? The different fashion designers have, in addition to a more leisurely style designed to match a more comfortable and relaxed lifestyle that conforms to a contemporary pursuit of leisure, also emphasized formal eveningwear, responding to the requirements of different kinds of evening parties. These events help us keep abreast of high fashion!

What's in this season? Is it oriental? Punk? Soft? Or even classical? The Grammies, Oscars, and award ceremonies held in Hong Kong and Taiwan offer a feast for your eyes, giving the media opportunities to pick this year's most popular designers and names. The most memorable ceremony is the 71st Academy Awards with Nicole Kidmann wearing the Asian-inspired chartreuse gown. With this unique glimpse of Asian style, Nicole Kidman became one of the more stylish figures in the fashion-world. The collaboration of fashion houses and big name performers benefits both sides of the relationship, giving them prominence and leaving us to wait and see what will be revealed next.

Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong are lit up by different galas, including champagne parties, showcases for the latest designs, jewelry exhibits, or even the opening for the latest lounge bar. Have you prepared for the most exciting parties found in today's social functions? The abundance of different brands makes choosing your own style and flavor a pain. A few years go in Taiwan the taste and enthusiasm in events did not come close to Hong Kong's. But now all the big labels can be found in the Taiwanese market, causing a thriving local fashion scene. We can now see who are the darlings of the fashion world and who is now the hot topic. In recent year's Celine's Karen Mok line has made quite a stir--all of us are waiting in anticipation for the next collaboration.

There are numerous classic brand names giving new names a start, such as Galliano's Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel, Christopher Bailey's Burberry Prosum, and even Tom Ford who is leaving Gucci. Instead of continuing traditional fashion lines, designers from these fashion houses have broken from tradition and decided to create new and innovative styles. They put out brave new designs, using cutting edge style, meticulous tailoring and the bold use of colors, for all to see, giving us great offerings from the fashion world and challenging and spurring on our thoughts about fashion.

Sometimes it seems that the well-know names in the fashion world are the only choice. European independent designers however have always attracted me, and so I suggest Italian or London street fashion. They are the best choices for not only bringing out your own individual characteristics, but also for not hurting you in the pocketbook!