Taiwan Fun Magazine, February 2004

Alt Feature:


Bohemia sweeps through Taiwan

By Karishma Krishna

     The ancient East has become one of the biggest design icons of the 20th century. With growing numbers of people moving towards a more gratifying life, this trend towards Oriental/Indian mysticism and healing has across the planet, with yoga classes in gyms all over, cooking classes, massage therapy, interior design workshops on Fengshui and other trends, from tourism to clothing design.

      Music icons, such as Madonna, Ashanti, Seal, and Sting, are some of the key players in solidifying this rather exotic take on life. It's hard to believe that this same movement, which started about 40 years ago, was considered to be the path of the weird and dreamy "drop out of society" types, otherwise known as hippies.

      While the New Age Bohemian may have the same roots as her notorious rebel ancestors, she certainly doesn't have the same public image. She is now looked upon as an individual that is well traveled and learned in the matters of life that we have lost over the past 400 years. She is respected and considered to be worldly and it's no wonder that, in Taiwan, this trend has become the biggest thing since McDonald's.

      Getting the Look

      This season's fashion girl has taken on a very glamorous feel for evenings, and a rather interesting mix and match sporty feel for day wear. While still remaining colorful and drapey, with lots of decadently decorated silks, organzas and satins, it has been balanced with the more masculine 18th-century fabrics, such as leather, wools and denims, making this look fun and exciting. The "Boho" look of this season has a very 18th-century pirate feel, mixed with Arabian thieves and the 20s Dandy styles, with zip-up combat pants, breeches, feminine blouses, sarong pants that look like skirts, fitted shirts, long velvet jackets, short boleros, scarves and dandy caps worn with soft extra-long boots and large slouchy bags slung over the shoulder. Oops! Don't forget chunky Indian jewelry in all metallic shades.

      For the more glam, elegant looks, try the Indian sari-inspired long gowns or the shiny beaded 20s drape skirts worn with little sari blouse tops. For a younger feel, you could try the 60s-style shifts and slip dresses in silk and satins. To complete this look don't forget the boots and some sort of metallic colored sandals.