Taiwan Fun Magazine, October 2006


--By Josie Wu, translated by Sho Huang


"ibon" is a 7-ELEVEN website kiosk offering all sorts of services. For example, to book a travel ticket, or use it to pay credit card bills. You can also download a document from your email--and then color-print it. This service is great for planning the weekend, such as for checking for available concert seats and booking them. The printing function allows customers to print out reports, essays and other various forms, from scooter tickets and insurance forms to bills due. Currently, there are more than 1,100 7-ELEVEN stores with "ibon" service available (Taipei city and county, Keelung city) and it is expected to be in all shops nationwide by mid-2007. In the future, services like public transportation ticket sales, shopping, movie ticket sales and amusement park ticket sales online will be added. www.ibon.com.tw

A. "ibon" is hooked up to multi-functional devices. It can also transfer information from Bluetooth, USB and memory cards to the Net, acting as a personal work studio.

B. "ibon" currently provides a number of services: office-related work, bill payment, insurance fees, travel, ticket booking and getting information.