Taiwan Fun Magazine, August 2004


Body Buddy



     Above the leafy bustle of DunHua South Road, I'm sitting in a quiet space of dark wood floors and deep cream walls. The breeze moving over the window-sill carries the buzz of the traffic and gently stirs translucent curtains that divide the studio from the reception area.

     This is the Body Buddy Yoga Studio--a yoga class for those that truly want to appreciate the body-mind benefits of this ancient form of exercise-meditation.
Similar classes are run at many of the major gyms around town, but finding a space on the floor can sometimes be a problem. After more than a year of trying to get extra classes at my gym, I gave up and decided that Body Buddy is the way to go.
There are classes for all levels of fitness including Taipei's only specialist pre-natal yoga class. However for those, like myself, with a masochistic streak, who enjoy the altered mental state that being tied up in knots offers, there are Hatha yoga classes at least four times a week.

     Classes are small, with a maximum of twenty or so practitioners. This allows plenty of opportunities for the teacher to offer personal guidance to each student. And if you're the kind of person who often goes to the gym, but coasts when you're there--bear in mind that here, you'll work to the limits of your ability. You'll get the maximum possible benefit from the 75-minute classes.

     Apart from a greater sense of calm, after a few weeks at Body Buddy your body will become just that--your buddy! You'll begin to love its flexibility and strength, and the beautiful muscles that suddenly appear. Also, your love life will take on interesting new dimensions.

     There are various payment options: For those able to commit to certain classes every week and maintain that schedule, there is a bargain rate. For those who want the freedom to walk into the studio at any time, whenever it suits them, there is a per-class price of NT$500.

Tours:Monday to Friday : 9 am-9 pm; Saturday and Sunday: 10 am-5 pm
336, DunHua S. Rd., Sec. 1, Taipei, 4F
Tel: (02) 2709-5714 ; (02) 2709-5724