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       Taiwan tea and coffee houses can be found in our Taiwan Fun tea and coffee directory. The tea and coffee directory has listings for all the best Taipei tea and coffee houses / shops. The Taipei tea and coffee scene is very social and popular in Taipei as well as the rest of Taiwan. Find out the coolest tea and coffee places here!

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Taipei Tea & Coffee Spots
Taken from our Liquid Spots & What's New Archives: (Listed Alphabetically)

| SLURPuccino |

A, B, C
| Bay Watch | Beautiful Tree Cafe | Bon Cafe | Cafe Mare Nostro | Cafe Musee | Cafe Odeon | Carvalli Cafe Italiano | Cloud Gate Cafe | Coffee Aisle | Cha For Tea | Bucciarati cafe | Biliechick | Coffee Only | Artco De CafeCoffee MuseumCafe MykonosBremen Tea House

D, E, F
| Formosa Cafe | Franciacorta Maision De Patisserie | Ecole Cafe/BarEspressamente IllyThe Fairy Cafe

G, H, I
| Goods Coffee | Green Gable | Hua Pu Cafe | Hewelka Cafe | Image Cafe | iTea | Jason's Bakery | Islanders Studio | Icicoo TaipeiHomey's Cafe | Häagen-Dazs–Dunnan Flagship Shop |

J, K, L
| Lavender | Long Cabin Teahouse | La Tarradoro | La Tarradoro KouKouJu Ju Bar Lalos Bakery

M, N, O
| Miracle Gallery | Miners Tea House | MOSPENG CAFE | New Yoker Music Coffee | Our House | ORANGE Sees MRT | Michang Music House | Monza Cafe | Ole Cafe | My Sweetie Pie Bakery & Cafe

P, Q, R
| Rama's Cafe | Provence | Redowber Hokkaido Cake | PAULPatisserie Sadaharu Aoki Paris

S, T, U
| Shiner Tea | Tea House | The Pisces | Ti Hu | Tung Li | T2 COFFEE VAN | The Path Cafe | Spring Phoenix Tea House | Tuileries French Tea House | Takeit Cafe | Shih's Bagel (Yong Kang Branch) |

V, W, X, Y, Z
| Wang De Chuan Tea House | Wistaria Tea House | Yogurt Art |

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