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Yogurt Art


Yogurt Art


Yogurt Art

(02) 8771-5366
14, Alley 8, Lane 216, ZhongXiao E Rd
Hours: 11:30 am-10 pm
Credit cards not accepted. No service charge.
Chinese/English menu.

Taiwan can savor the joys of authentic frozen yogurt thanks to 25-year-old Hubert Chen, who imports ingredients directly from the U.S. for his frozen yogurt shop, Yogurt Art. Since opening day, Yogurt Art has been attracting kids and adults alike, especially health-conscious individuals from neighboring health clubs, who like to visit for a light snack after a rigorous workout. Frozen yogurt is popular for several reasons: it's nonfat, has only one-third the the calories of regular ice cream, and is rich in calcium. This arguably makes it one of the healthiest desserts around. Hubert was born and raised in San Francisco. When he decided to move to Taiwan to start his own business, his parents were very supportive of his business plan. Within four months, he started out from scratch and is now seeing his efforts pay off, although he says he lost 15 pounds due to overwork. There are 40 flavors available at Yogurt Art and eight flavors are featured daily. These change according to the season and popularity. Eating frozen yogurt is even more fun here because of Yogurt Art's DIY/self-serve style. --Written and translated by Diva Yang

A. Select a cup (pink/individual, blue/family), press down on the handle of your desired flavor and decide the amount.

B. Add fruit or nuts as toppings, weigh it at the counter (NT$52 per 100 grams) and pay for it. Bon appetit!

Yogurt ArtC. Every frozen yogurt machine contains two different flavors. You can make a swirl if you like, doubling the flavor and fun with every bite.