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My Sweetie Pie Bakery & Cafe


My Sweetie Pie Bakery & Cafe



My Sweetie Pie Bakery & Cafe

(02) 3365-3448
3, Lane 93, ShiDa Rd
Hours: 11-12 am
Credit cards not accepted.
10% service charge.
Chinese/English menu.

Rainbow Lin, owner of Grandma Nitti's, has been running a successful business for nearly two decades now. She recently launched another establishment of her own right across the street from Grandma Nitti's, called My Sweetie Pie Bakery & Cafe. This simple-looking place focuses on offering a good selection of traditional American family-style cakes and pastries, with light meals on the side. As many customers will agree, nothing beats a healthy, down-to-earth meal that is finished off with a good dessert. All baked goods are made to order and are sold in a tightly-sealed wrapping for freshness. --By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee

A. The steamy-hot Bread Pudding (NT$80) is made with a crusty layer on top and moist texture on the inside. Its delicate flavors are a great, hard-to-resist treat. The signature Carrot Cake (NT$90), Hot Dog, and Mexican-Style Chili Sandwich (NT$150) are also popular choices here.

B. My Sweetie Pie Bakery & Cafe is a long-term dream for owner Rainbow, who says that making desserts is a form of relaxation for her. Each day, you'll find eight kinds of cake displayed on the shelves, and the flavors change on a regular basis. Furthermore, if you would like your own custom-made cake, call to order one; an eight-inch cake is about NT$880.