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Lalos Bakery

Lalos Bakery

Lalos Bakery

Lalos Bakery

Lalos Bakery

Lalos Bakery

Words and photography by Josie
Translated by Angela Cheng

91, AnHe Rd, Taipei City (across from Renai Elementary School)
(02) 2755-5968
Hours: 8:30 am-8 pm
Credit cards accepted.

Two years ago, when Michelin three-star chef Yannick Alleno opened his French restaurant S.T.A.Y (Simple Table Yannick Alleno) in Taiwan, he specially requested bread to pair with meals from from LALOS Bakery, which has won the MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France Boulangerie). This led to LALOS Bakery opened its very first oversea branch and becaming Taiwan's only MOF bakery. Following the first store in Taipei 101, LALOS Bakery recently opened its second store on AnHe Road. Unlike the first store, it has several tables and seats that allow guest to sit down and enjoy the delicious bread.

Before opening his own bakery, Frederie Lalos's baking skill had already won recognition. At the age of 26, he was awarded MOF, thus broking the record as the youngest winner in history. Now, Lalos's stores provide bread for many international hotels and Michelin restaurants.

The first batch of bread is available 8:30 every morning. Head baker Guillaume Pedron personally develops the time and temperature of oven according to Taipei's climate and humidity. LALOS offers over a hundred kinds of bread, for example, the black bread sandwich (NT$140, a salad included) containing squid ink, tuna quiche (NT$90), and vegetarian fougasse. LALOS only uses Lalas brand flour and cheese and butter imported from France.

A. As a baker for 7 years, Guillaume thinks Taiwanese people's ever-changing taste for bread actually provides him a chance to challenge himself. The final batch of bread comes out at 4-4:30 pm every day. Although knowing some customers prefer bread fresh out of oven, he recommends let the bread cool off for 30 minutes before eating.

B. Longuet (NT$85) is one of the most popular items in LALOS' five stores in Paris. This unique bread is made with exclusively made wheat flour with high quality buckwheat.

C. Chouquettes (NT$100/8 balls), a classic French cream puff, is also one of the most popular items in the store. The secret recipe developed by Lalos himself makes it taste chewier and more flavory. It has no stuffing and slightly sweeten with sugar frost sprinkling on top, which makes it go well with black coffee or black tea.

D. Honey bread is specially developed for Taiwan customers by Guillaume. The honey makes it soft on the inside and crusty on the outside, and it became one of the top-sellers as soon as it was introduced.

E. Apple strudel (NT$80) contains baked fresh apples. If you love apple strudels you will definitely feel the difference in taste and fall for it.