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"Recently I was introduced to the COMPASS by my daughter. It is a fantastic guide for entertainment and leisure - I use the restaurant guide all the time. Last month, a friend of mine moved to Taiwan from Texas. She also really enjoyed reading all about everything Taichung has to offer. Thanks COMPASS!" - COMPASS reader Hsi-Ming Chern

Our readers are out, about and on the go - which is what we're all about! By concentrating our distribution in establishments where people spend their disposable income we enable our advertisers to reach the cosmopolitan, affluent and well educated new Taiwanese.

In a demographic survey conducted on behalf of the Compass, the results showed a young (77% aged 18 to 35) and strikingly affluent demographic of Taiwanese (94%), dual passport holders (2%) and foreigner nationals (4%). 52% of our readers had salaries nearly 1/3 higher than average, with 21% showing salaries double the average.

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