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May Hwen expresses a love for Taiwan through music

Much like Taiwan's changeable weather, Taichung's live-music scene--after experiencing a bit of cloudiness and gloom--often gives way to clearer skies and shining stars. Brightening the skies recently is one rising musical star, half-Taiwanese---[ more ]

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May Hwen expresses a love for Taiwan through music

> High Tide > Goober Gun > Hell Bent Angels > 2 Acres Plowed > Reid
> Transition > T-Bone & Yasu's musical 'conversations' create magic > IO > Dr. Reniculous Lips & the Skallyunz > Flâneur Daguerre > Reigndear > The Ever So Friendlies(TESF)
> Loh Tsui Kweh Commune > Orangegrass/ Cumulonimbus > Tizzy Bac/ If I Saw Hell, I Wouldn't fear the Devil > Dark Was The Night > The Hold Steady/ A Positive Rage
> Neon/ EXIT > Chalaw Passiwali/ Chalaw Passiwali > PunkHoo/ Life & Live > Mr. Mouth > 88 Balaz/ 44 Stone Lions > The White Eyes > The Money Shot Horns > Natural Q/ Breaking out of the Cocoon > 929 Band/ Maybe Like Stars > 1976 Band/ This Planet > Wu Bai & China Blue/ Space Bomb
> Jelly Bean/ I like it, sister. > Orange Dolls > B.B. > Kook > The Chairman/ Jin Ei Ah Gey Ei !? ("Is it for real?") > Red-I and The Riddim Outlawz > The Tribe of West Africa > U.TA > FIRE E.X/ Let's GO! > Public Radio > Sugar Plum Ferry/ Thank You For Reminding Me
> The Legends/ Public Radio > Jazz Code > Big Brass Balls > Nylas > Chasing Sparrow > Da Bone > The Clippers/ Everything is Meaningless > Tizzy Bac/ It's All My Fault > Fireflower > Dolly's Pillbox/ how are you today? > We Save Strawberries > Bear Babes > 1976/ Still The New Wave Flow > Full House > Orangegrass/ Rainbow 4 AM > Black Sheep > Kila/ Luna Park > Shy Kick Apple > Full House > Telephone Booth/ The Phone Is Ringing > Coach > Maho
> Beijing Angelic Choir/ Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert > Midnight Movies/ Midnight Movies > Blue Asia/ Hotel Rechampur > Marsh mallow kisses/ I wonder why my favorite boy leaves me > Chicken Rice/ GLucky 7 > Spoon De Chop > Damon & Naomi/ Damon & Naomi With Ghost > The Clippers > Sambassadeur/ Sambassadeur > The Incriminators > Acid House Kings/ Sing Along With Acid House Kings > Duo Orientango/ Passion Tango > Mosquito Music
> Rage Against The Machine / Live At The Grand Olympic > Bad Daughter/ Small Sun > Sister White Band / KICK IT! > Goodie Mob/ Dirty South Classic > Rock Bang/ Prove of Life > Love Psychedelico/ Single Collection > The Thrills/ So Much For The City > Luna Sea/ Lunacy > Crosby & Nash/ Crosby & Nash > The Prodigy/ ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED, NEVER OUTGUNNED > Skinny Puppy/ THE GREATER WRONG OF THE RIGHT
> We Save Strawberries/The Solar System > Ministry/Animositisomina > Doves/ The Last Broadcast > 50 Cent/Get Rich Or Die Tryin' > Oofot/ Secret Rendezvous > Massive Attack/ 100th Window > Tizzy Bac/ Anything Can Tempt Me > Linkin Park/ Meteora > Calla/ Televise > Radiohead/ Hail to the Thief > BackQuarter/ ROCK TEAM > The Chairman(Kuan Yu)/ The desire to live > Fly to the sun, fly to you
> Megan Dooley > May Hwen
> Talented Freya Lim keeps moving forward
> Les Parfums de Paris
> Chris Huskey/ Soldiers, Girls & Nightmares
> Antonio Vivaldi/ The Four Seasons > Summer Lei/ The Light Of Darkness > MoShang
> Monte Wang/ Music. Detective . Monte Wang > Lee Ryan/ Lee Ryan > Alanis Morissette/ The Collection > Wind Records/ 2006-Soul to Music > Jing Peng/ Songs of Wanderlust > Ken Hirai/ 10th Anniversary Complete Single Collection 95-05 > Jay Chou/ Huo Yuan Chia > Jocie (Mei Mei)/ No More Panic > Jeffrey Michael/ Kaleidoscope > TOTEM/ Over There I Sing > 13 Band/ Silver Sun > A Moving Sound > Hu De Fu, Shiao Mei, Jiang Sheng Ming (Various)/ Beautiful Haiyan > So What/ When We Start Traveling/ Telling You a Story > Rueibin Chen/ The Dream of Cinema > Glory > Wang Hong-en (Biung)/ Battle Dance > Chang Jui-chuan/ Genesis
> Julio Iglesias/ Love Songs > V.A (Various Artists)/ Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert > Oliver Shanti/ Circles of Life > DMX Krew/ Collapse of the Wave Function > Jimmy Edgar/ Bounce, Make and Model > Imee Ooi/ Mantras of the Sanskrit, Nilakantha Dharani, Amitabha, Guan Yin Bodhisattva > Huang Xi-Ting/ Ask Love > Tori Amos/ The Beekeeper > Meng Ting-Wei/ Red Flower > V.A (Various Artists)/ Real Piano > KT/ Eye to The Telescope > Jem/ Finally Woken > V.A (Various Artists)/ Enchanting Journey From the Ocean > Cin-cin Lee/ Bossa Sweet Orange > Lene Marlin/ Lost in a Moment > Marilyn Scott/ Nightcap
> Stephane Pompougnac/ Living On The Edge > Tupac/ Resurrection > Money Worship Lady/ Money Worship Lady > Mr. Eyeball/ Banana Flower > Tom Waits/ Alice > Dragon Brother/ Long Live > ROYCE DA 5' 9"/ ROCK CITY > Keiko Lee/ Vitamin K > Car5on/ I am knocked over by the graceful wit's end > VA (Various Artists)/ The Music From Beautiful Spain > V.A (Various Artists)/ Total Lounge > Mr. Eyeball/ Mr. Eyeball > Jack Johnson/ On and On > V.A (Various Artists)/ Bird Up! The Charlie Parker Remix Project > Della/ Jingo Records has released the Della Spiritual Beauty Music Therapy Compilation - Musical Time Capsule > Seal/ Seal Best-1991-2004 > Laura Pausini/ Escucha > Kylie Minogue/ ULTIMATE KYLIE
> Robbie Williams/ Escapology > cia cia/her sheen way > Chen Jian-nian (Paudull)/ Mother Earth > oves/ The Last Broadcast > Pao/ Transcend > Fan Zong-Pei/ Crystal Boys original soundtrack > Norah Jones/ Come Away With Me > Mattew Lien/ Unicorn > Firefly/ It's Summer Time > Wasted Love/ Xiao An > V.A (Various Artists)/ Shanghai Lounge > Tanya/ Stranger > 78 BPM/ Red Moon > V.A (Various Artists)/ Chill Lounge In Taipei > V.A (Various Artists)/ The Sound Of Mzee > BRAVE 20 - a movie soundtrack/ Luantan Ascent > Yo Yo Ma/ Obrigado Brazil > Mihumisang/ David Garling and Wuru Bunun Tribe > Four Tet/Rounds > Yu Er Fei Wen/ Thundering Queen > Faye Wong/ Will Love > Chet Baker/ Best of Baker Sings > FUKAI/ JP-JUICE
Musical Events:
> TADA Ark highlights bands "MAde in TAichung" > 2013 Taichung Festival Artists Spotlight: Richie Beirach brings classical-influenced jazz stylings to Taichung > 2013 Taichung Festival Artists Spotlight: French jazz diva Anne Ducros set to charm local audiences
> It's easy: All you need is LUVstock > 2012 Taichung Jazz Festival Artist Spotlight: Ellis Marsalis Trio & Jason Marsalis > 2012 Taichung Jazz Festival Artist Spotlight: Greg Osby and Jangeun Bae
> Spring Scream Rabbit gets hopping > From Justin Beiber to Bob Dylan: Taiwan welcomes world musicians > Big-band maestro Charles Tolliver brings his trumpet to Taichung > 2011 Taichung Jazz Festival Close-Up: 4-time Grammy winner, jazz legend McCoy Tyner continues impressing > 2011 Taichung Rock Music Festival kicks off in December
> The Best of 2007: Music in Review > 2008 Taichung Jazz Festival Headliners Series: Trio 3 > 2008 Taichung Jazz Festival Headliners Series: The Saskia Laroo Band > 2008 Taichung Jazz Festival Headliners Series: Slide Hampton > Love Love Rock - Camping-Music Festival
> Join Us! LIVE MUSIC AND MORE > New Location, New Look, Same Cool Vibe: WombBloc Arts > Unrivalled mix of global, local jazz talent descends on the Taichung Jazz Festival
> Sheila Jordan wraps up Taichung Jazz Fest with class > Taipei Gets the Blues
> Scott Ezell/ Ocean Hieroglyphics > Uncut > Paste > Is this music? > Copper Press


2002.10 2002.11 2002.12
A-Mei/ Fever / Hwa-Na
Avril Lavigne/ Let Go / BMG
Ikko Kawai / Red Violin / Jingo
Chien-Nien Chen / Mother Earth / Taiwan Colors Music
Dong Yun-chang/ At the 33th Street Corner/ Wind
Kit Chen/ Dream Scape/ Ocean Butterflies
Beck / Sea Change / Universal
Suede/ A New Morning / Sony
Foo Fighters/ One By One/ BMG
Chang Yu-wei/How to Get Through Tomorrow / Wind records
Bjork/ Greatest Hits/ Universal Music
Valen Hsu/ Blossom/VIGRIN
2002.07 2002.08 2002.09

Karen Mok/[i]
Samingad/Wild Fire, Spring Wind
Wu Bai & China Blue/Dream River
Piano Solo/Days in a Green Hill
The Legendary Jazz Divas 3

Chiang Mei Chi / Once Again
Captain Peanut / Oh My God!
The Stories of VuVu
Soul Mates / Danny Wright
Elizabeth Naccarato/Jarrell's Cove

Yiruma / First Love / Wind Record
Chairman / Eleven Tai / Plum Music
Chen Chi Jen / Guitarist, Groupies / Magic Stone
Vanness Wu / Body Can Sing / Sony Music
2002.04 2002.05 2002.06
Dai Ai-ling/Magic
Anarchy In Taiwan
Sammi Cheng/Giving Up
  Gregor Theelen/Music for Friends of the Whales
"Goodbye Firefly" Original Soundtrack/Scarecrow
Josh Groban
2002.01 2002.02 2002.03
Shaun Yung/Shaun
Wu Judy Chin-tai/In Love with Hot Springs
Chang Hui-mei (A-Mei)/Jen Shih (Truth)
Ballycotton/A La Cut

Lin Hai/Moonlight Frontier
Macy Gray/The Id
Shunza/Dear Shunza

Li Tai-hsiang/Since the Time I Met You
Jasmine Leung (Liang Ching-ju)/Sunrise
Jacky Chan/I Really Tried


2001.10 2001.11 2001.12
Zhang Wei-liang/Tea Drops
Chris Yu/Subway
F4/ Meteor Rain
Dan Nakamura/Gorillaz

Kenneth Kuo/The Memories of Boom-Mi-Pon
Mathew Lien/In So Many Words
Emil Chau Wah Kin/Wang Yiu Tsao
Jacky Cheung/Jacky Fever

Natalie Cole/The Magic of Christmas
The Many Moods of Christmas
Tidings of Joy/EverSound
2001.07 2001.08 2001.09
Li Ming/The Red Shoes
Ron Korb/Celtic Heartland
Air/Moon safari
Charles Mingus/Ah Um

Angel Ho/Love
4 In Love/Who's Afraid of Who?
Buena Vista Social Club
2001.04 2001.05 2001.06
At the Drive-In/Relationship of Command
Macy Gray/On How Life Is
Radiohead/Kid A
Shunza/Yesterday. One. More
Tanya/I Do Believe
The Unforgettable Teng Li-Jun
Transglobal Underground/Rejoice, Rejoice
Yang Nai-Wen/About a Woman's Self-Awareness
Jets to Brazil/Orange Rhyming Dictionary
2001.01 2001.02 2001.03
Fishbone & the Familyhood Nextperience
Gigi Leung/Transparent
Hybrid Wide Angle
Finley Quaye
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