(02) 2700-5411
1, Lane 102, AnHe Rd. Sec. 1, B1
Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 9 pm-4 am, Fri./Sat. 9 pm-5 am
Credit cards accepted. Smoking allowed.
MRT: ZhongXiao/DunHua


-- By Claire Tyrell Translated by Eva Huang

Sappho has taken the lounge bar formula, added a dash of fresh thinking, a generous splash of live music, and shaken it together to pour the perfectly blended night out.

Entering through a leafy yard, you'll find a living room-like space dimly lit with mesmerizing LED floor lighting. Though highly stylish, the atmosphere is certainly relaxed and the music has a certain freshness and spontaneity to it. The Tuesday/Thursday jam sessions have created a stir in Taipei, attracting foreign and local musicians performing a range of styles. Saturday nights have a funky jazz vibe, and Fridays a '50s feel.

Although other evenings have more of a typical lounge bar fashion with DJs, owner Mini's talk overflows with ideas; her vision is to move away from recorded music and towards live music, believing that even if you come to chat, live background music provides a more enjoyable and intimate setting.

For dining, popular choices include the appetizing Braised Chicken Leg and Bacon Roulade in Red Wine Sauce (NT$380) or Marinated Shrimps Broccoli with Cauliflower of Thai Style (NT$280). But the drinks are where it really gets fun! Sure, you can enjoy good wines or whiskeys and, of course, the usual beers are available--but since you're here...go on...delve into Sappho's speciality, the extensive cocktail menu. Whether your taste is for sweet, creamy, fruity, spicy, manly or soft, they have the mix for you. Perhaps try the brazenly-named and always popular blend of Absolut Citron, peach schnapps, triple sec and fresh fruitiness (NT$330), or an unusual Red Bull and Jagermeister special (NT$280). Alternatively the expert staff can create an personalized cocktail to suit, using the freshest seasonal fruit. If you dare, kick off with the unique "Life" (NT$220) which, like its namesake, is a mixture of sourness, sweetness, bitterness, spice and fire! Sambucca, Wild Turkey and Bacardi 151 are topped with lime, sugar and Tabasco, then lit. Watch it burn, then knock it back. The verdict? "Life" is good at Sappho.

Regulations require Taiwan Fun to remind our readers not to drink and drive and that minors should not drink.

Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited for those under 18.