Yang Shin

Yang Shin

Yang Shin

Yang Shin

Yang Shin

Yang Shin

Words by Josie Wu
Translated by Niccole Yang

128, SongJiang Rd., 2F, Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City (Songjiang Nanjing station Exit No.8)
(02) 2542-8828
Hours: 11:30 am-9:30 pm
10% service charge.
Credit cards accepted.
Chinese, Japanese and English menu.

The owner of Yang Shin--originally a trader--opened this restaurant so his wife could enjoy a variety of Cantonese dishes, and in the process created the first all-vegetarian Cantonese restaurant in Taipei.

The chef manager Chan Sheng-lin leads a team more than 20 chefs preparing more than 80 types of dishes and 40 Vegetarian Vegan Meals. Yang Shin vegetarian restaurant provides a diversity of vegan meals that are tasty and healthy. This restaurant is proof that veggie food doesn't have to be dull platters of blanched vegetables, tofu and fried vegetarian foods, offering an appeal not only to vegetarians but also non-vegetarians.


A. Pine Nut & Vegetable Cheese Roll (NT$180 for 4) definitely arouses the appetite.
Purple cabbage strips, imported blueberries wrapped with dried sea sedge and egg. The sauce is blended kumquat sauce with cheese and mayonnaise, which tastes sweet and sour. With basil leaves and pine nuts, it is a creative dish with fragrance and taste and is the most popular appetizer here.

B. Bean Curd & Mash Taro with BBQ Sauce (NT$340) is just like BBQ ribs. The stuffing is taro paste, seaweed and bean curd sheets in between with fillings, and cooked with BBQ sauce. It is highly recommended.

C. Steamed Smashed Tofu & Pearl Barley in Loofah with Oyster Sauce (NT$280) is steamed Penghu loofah with tofu and pearl barley, and covered in vegetarian oyster sauce and lily bulbs. It is sweet and tasty.

D. Rice noodle roll is a special Cantonese dish. Healthy Herb Rice Noodle Roll (NT$128) will not let you down. Rice noodle sheets are not the easiest thing to make. It is filled with crunchy rice net, crispy mushroom, jicama, vegetables and cordyceps, and then topped with light sweet sauce boiled with parsley. Enjoy the silky smooth texture of the rolls.

E. Deep Fried Won Tons with Sweet Basil (NT$108) are filled with basil, amaranth and bamboo shoots, and is crunchy outside and emits a pleasant fragrance from the inside.