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Make your own chocolate desserts

Make your own chocolate desserts

By Dionysus Translated by Ann Lee Photos by Andy Lin

Making your own dessert can be a really fun experience, especially if it's for someone you love. Wong Yim-yin, the Asian ambassador for the famous Belgium chocolate brand Godiva, made a special trip to Taiwan to teach Taiwan Fun readers the how-to for two delectable chocolate desserts.


Chocolate Snowmen Biscuits

Chocolate Snowmen Biscuits

Ingredients of Chocolate Snowmen Biscuits

Ingredients: Dark chocolate, white chocolate, and any type of biscuit (see photo)
Equipment: Wax/baking paper, a small knife
1. Crush the biscuits inside a small bowl
2. Melt the white chocolate, mix with the crushed biscuits.
3. Drop the mixture into snowman shapes on a sheet of prepared paper. Each snowman should have one large circle for the body and one small circle for the head.
4. Smooth the edges of the snowmen with a small, flat knife; let cool for 10 minutes.
5. Use some melted dark chocolate to create accessories like hats, scarves, and buttons on the baking paper; let stand for 10 minutes.
6. Use a bit of melted chocolate to affix the pre-made accessories onto the white chocolate snowmen.

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a. Steam or use a double broiler to melt the chocolate. Start melting the chocolate at 50 degrees C. Lower to 30 degrees C once it begins to melt.
b. The biscuits can be replaced with nuts or dried fruit to create a different texture and flavor.
c. Use the wax paper or a plastic bag to create a piping tube to decorate and make accessories.

Fruit Tart



Ingredients: Dark chocolate, white chocolate, fresh strawberries, dried orange zest.
Equipment: Wax/baking paper, small knife, spoon.
1. With a piping tube or improvised plastic bag, make three circles in ascending size on the wax paper. Use the small knife to carefully smooth the circles' edges. Let stand for 10 minutes.
2. Squeeze overlapping white and dark chocolate on the wax paper. Use the back of a spoon to smear into interesting designs. Let stand for 10 minutes. These will be dessert garnishes.
3. Squeeze white chocolate on the pre-made large circle and top with dried orange zest. Top the medium circle with dark chocolate. Layer cut strawberry pieces on top of the small circle.
4. Stack the circles; finish with a whole strawberry, the pre-made chocolate garnishes, and powdered sugar.

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