Hei Xian Ju - Creative Vegetable & Fruit Cuisines


Hei Xian Ju - Creative Vegetable & Fruit Cuisines



Hei Xian Ju - Creative Vegetable & Fruit Cuisines

194, NongAn St.
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Not your ordinary vegetarian restaurant; they utilize Japanese culinary techniques. The chefs pay great attention to detail; using small amounts of oil, as well as little salt and sugar to maintain original tastes and prevent the nutrients disappearing. All ingredients are high in fibre, Chef Yang puts a great amount of effort to challenge himself when it comes to being creative. Hei Xian Ju promotes a healthy concept of eating. --By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee

A. Agar Sashimi (NT$240) is made from imported natural agar powder; Chef Yang came up with three different side orders with this dish--choose from pumpkin, carrots or brown rice. They are all tangy and high in fibre.

B. Chef's recommended set meals come at three prices, (NT$380, NT$580 and NT$780). Try Lotus Sprout with Vinegar (NT$80), which contains a combination of kunbu (seaweed), lotus sprouts, Chinese yam, tangerine, fruit vinegar and tomato slices. This drink is slightly sour but smooth. Also popular is Spiced Burdock with Prawn Tempura; stuffed with Chinese yam and burdock, hand rolled and wrapped with bean curd skins, and the preparation process is quite time consuming. The grayish 5-Element Steamed Egg gets its colour from the burdocks, which fills our daily intake of iron.