French Apple Cheese Cake(NT$100) is prepared with fresh apples on top, then stuffed with cinnamon and fresh lemon fragrant sour cream.

Jake and the Mexican Combo (NT$450), which has three flavors: Burrito, Enchilada and Chinchaga.

JAKE's Country Kitchen

Words and photos by Eden Lin Translated by Sho Huang

(02) 2871-5289
705, ZhongShan N Rd, Sec 6
Hours: 6:30 am-12 am
Credit cards accepted. No service charge. Smoking section.
Parking nearby.
Nearest MRT: DanShui ShiPai Station

In 1979, Jake's Country Kitchen started out as an American restaurant that served fried chicken and hamburgers. However, the eatery slowly added Mexican dishes and desserts to its extended menu. Jake, the owner, started his cooking career when he was only 17. He worked for an American family in Taiwan and learned many authentic American dishes. He also insists on using fresh ingredients for each dish, which may make some Americans feel homesick.

For the past 28 years, Jake has prepared all sauces, desserts and dishes by himself, ensuring his food's high quality. As a result, everything tastes good. He is always creating new recipes so the selection is wide and he's happy to talk about the menu.
Jake's newest dish, Mexican-Style Scrambled Egg Breakfast (NT$280, photo A), is a combination of fried eggs, cheese, salsa, sour cream and fresh corn. Each bite delivers a taste of thick fragrant cheese and a mixture of sweet and sour salsa. Scotch Baked Egg Breakfast (NT$280, Photo B) is another good dish to try. Prepared with half a boiled egg coated with ground pork and marinated with rosemary, sage and thyme, it is deep fried, then baked to create a crispy exterior. Because this dish is so complicated, it is only served on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Another popular dish, Mole Poblano (Chicken Mole, NT$400, Photo C), breaks away from typical conceptions of chocolate. It's made from more than 10 spices and dark chocolate, then blended with bananas to cut down the bitterness of the chocolate. It is definitely a sensational experience.

Boston Cream Pie (NT$95) Prepared with a traditional recipe, chocolate replaces sugar icing. Plus, it is stuffed with top-quality custard. Every bite is bitter and sweet the same time.

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