149, DunHua S Rd, Sec 1
停業 Closed

Belle Fusion is situated away from the crowded stream of shoppers, and stands all by itself in a dreamy white glass building. The big French windows provide patrons with a broad view of the surrounding areas. The comfortable bar area on the ground floor recreates a New Yorker-style decor. The white canopy seats on one side are a perfect place to relax throughout brunch or teatime hours, as you can also enjoy a bit of sunshine. The second floor of Belle Fusion is the restaurant area. The black pendent lamos with white Louis Ghost dining tables and chairs present an extravagant ambiance. As you go up to the third floor, the decor changes to a low-key, mysterious VIP area, and you will see that the main decor is dominated by different layers of the color black. The only other color you will see is the red tablecloths. On the fifth floor, there is a Latin-themed bar where guests can play games with "lights." Furniture on this floor is transparent, and takes on the different colors of neon when the night comes. As you spend time chatting with friends, you will see the floor changing colors according to the atmosphere in the restaurant. The unique Tilatequila Bar is another place not to be missed. It has a Gothic church feel with dominant white everywhere. The glass and surrounding mirrors reflect each other, so it is just as charming as if you were staring into the starry sky. Belle Fusion's multi-function layout is really quite amazing, as different themes cater to the needs of different guests.--By Josie Wu, translated by Ann Lee

A. "Belle" also refers to the lovely owner/model Amanda Wang, who reminds us all to take a break and enjoy the fine things in life.

B. Avocado Salad with Tomato agra-agra & Yogurt Dressing (NT$220) is refreshing and healthy. Main course items play with flavors around the world, including the Grilled Salmon Escalope with Grapefruit Sauce (NT$450).