Creative Japanese Cuisine Restaurant

(02) 2656-2662
68, ZhouZi St., NeiHu District
Hours: 11 am-9 pm
(2-5 pm ; 2-5 pm afternoon break;
closed Sundays)
Credit cards accepted. 10% service charge.

--- By Shanzi Chen Translated by Cara Steenstra

Situated in the Neihu Science and Technology Park area, Creative Japanese Cuisine Restaurant is an amalgamation of creativity and tradition. From its culinary styles and choice of cutlery to the interior decor, a fusion of Japanese Zen and modern simplicity can be see everywhere.
Walk through the big, mysterious black door and you step into the spacious interior, separated into two areas by a large beaded curtain. A huge, eye-catching Japanese-style mural is located on the side and behind the chef's bar. The mural's depictions of daily life during the Japanese Edo period is a hint that the cuisine here focuses on Edo-style natural flavors. The character [ ] from the restaurant's name is also cleverly worked into the mural.

The restaurant's young team of chefs all hail from the famous Shintori restaurant and are very talented, with an eagerness to create new, exciting combinations of traditional Kaiseki cuisine and Western-style spices and presentations. Despite the new ideas and constant creative changes, their demand for quality never changes, helping guarantee that customers always enjoy the most natural flavors while dining.

Since the focus is on creativity, there is no menu here. Just specify what you do not want to eat, and what kinds of flavors you prefer. Then sit back and wait for dish after dish of delicious surprises. The Three-Flavored Sashimi Sushi is a selection of three types of high-priced sashimi, including black tuna sushi. Simply dip these slices in the sauces and enjoy their sweet freshness. Another Edo dish is the Loose Sushi, with sushi rice that has been soaked in Cherry Blossom Vinegar, then covered with a choice of sashimi slices. Creative's fresh sashimi and the fragrant vinegar rice will take your breath away.

Business lunches, designed with the science park crowd in mind, are priced between NT$400 and NT$750. The menu-less dinner is priced at NT$1,500 per person with a set meal of six elegant courses.
An elegant, peaceful dining environment, delicately-presented cuisine and warm, friendly service are what Creative Japanese Cuisine Restaurant aims to deliver, as their wholehearted attitude continues to win over customers' hearts.